A Cultural Conversation With Pierre Boulez


Among musicians and concert-goers there are many who accuse Mr. Boulez of foisting the musical equivalent of gray concrete towers on them by composing and promoting pieces that are unlovable, incomprehensible and, in the words of one recent author, “willfully ugly.” A founding member of the Darmstadt School, a group of composers who came of age in the years after World War II, Mr. Boulez helped set the agenda of modernist music, rejecting tonality and classical forms in favor of new styles that employ exquisitely intricate systems of organizing notes and yet sound, to the uninitiated, bewildering.

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New York Winter Jazzfest

Also in NY this weekend is the Winter Jazzfest. A few select shows are listed below.

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society
Jamie Saft’s Whoopie Pie
Peter Apfelbaum and the New York Hieroglyphics    
Jenny Scheinman & Jason Moran
Vijay Iyer Trio
Bitches Brew Revisited
William Parker Qtet (Zim Ngqawana cancelled)
DJ Logic
Mike Reed’s People, Places and Things
Mary Halvorson
Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition
Tyshawn Sorrey: Koan
Elliott Sharp‘s Terraplane
The Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace
Todd Sickafoose Tiny Resistors

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Jazz Times Reviews

From Jazz Times:

Fred Anderson
21st Century Chase
Delmark Records
The prototype here is “The Chase,” the 1947 Dexter Gordon/Wardell Gray workout that virtually defined “tenor battle” for succeeding generations. But this set, recorded at Chicago’s Velvet Lounge during Fred Anderson’s 80th birthday celebration, recasts that…

Transatlantic Visions
Joëlle Léandre/George Lewis
According to poet Alexandre Pierrepont in the liner notes of Transatlantic…

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Phil Wachsmann
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Amazing Phonomanie IX festival in Ulrichsberg, Austria: Paul Lovens: Vermogen

December 06, 2009
Hans Reichel Solo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Hans Reichel
Meyer-Moore-Wachsmann-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Sabina Meyer, Michael Moore, Philipp Wachsmann
PaPaJo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
John Edwards, Paul Hubweber, Paul Lovens
Schlippenbach Trio, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Evan Parker, Alexander von Schlippenbach

December 05, 2009
John Russell Solo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, John Russell
Malfatti-Filip-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Klaus Filip, Paul Lovens, Radu Malfatti
Me & Paul, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Eugene Chadbourne, Paul Lovens
Wolfgang Mitterer & Paul Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Wolfgang Mitterer

December 04, 2009
Carlos Zingaro Solo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Carlos Zingaro
Christmann-Gustafsson-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Gunter Christmann, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Lovens
Delius-Mahall-de-Joode-Gueye-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Tobias Delius, Serigne C M Gueye, Wilbert de Joode, Paul Lovens, Rudi Mahall
Paul Lytton & Paul Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton

December 11, 2009
Tony Malaby’s Double Heart, Cornelia Street Cafe
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Tony Malaby, Eivind Opsvik, Tyshawn Sorey

December 08, 2009
Bad Nancy, Douglass Street Music Collective
Nate Allen, Matt Meade, Kyle Olson, John Stanesco
dotMan with Josh Sinton, Douglass Street Music Collective
Onno Govaert, Viljam Nybacka, Josh Sinton, Jasper Stadhouders
Roman Stolyar Solo, Douglass Street Music Collective
Roman Stolyar

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David Darling and CT Improvising Composers Project

David Darling focuses on promoting local artists in Connecticut.

As artists, we often have difficulty finding professional work where we live. CICP members work and perform internationally. We have made a conscious decision to make our home here in Connecticut, thereby enriching the cultural lives of our communities and positively impacting the revenues of our state. One might think of CICP as a cultural parallel to the local food movement: cultural localvorism. Presenters and audiences often evidence a bias towards importing their cultural diet: ‘it has to be better if it is from far away.’ CICP aims to change that pattern, working with presenters, funding partners and audiences to develop productive linked pathways to local and regional production and consumption of the arts.

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

From The Squid’s Ear:

Lucio Capece & Mika Vainio – Trahnie (Editions Mego)
Mark Dresser / Denman Maroney – Live in Concert (Kadima Collective)
Matt Milton / David Thomas / Ryan Jewel / Patrick Farmer – Bear Ground (Creative Sources)
Not the wind not the flag – Tintinabulum (Barnyard)
Buffalo Collision – Duck (Screwgun)

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Releases Reviews

DMG Newsletter May 8th, 2009

From DMG:

Peter Evans solo 2 CD set! Keith Tippett Septet! Magma: Tokyo 2005! Marilyn Crispell Groups! KOJ & Louis Sclavis! Arne Henriksen With David Sylvian! J. G. Thirlwell (Foetus) Cartoon Music! Mike Patton Cranked Up! Ernst Reijseger!

Live DVDs from: Thirteenth Assembly [Taylor Ho Bynum, Mary Halvorson, Jessica Pavone, Tomas Fujiwara], Michael Vlatkovich Qt, Weasel Walter Trio with Halvorson and Evans!

Richard Bliwas! Tom Hamilton! Throbbling [sic] Gristle! Jon Mueller tri-format release! David Rosenboom! Peter Garland! Evelyn Glennie! John Luther Adams!

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Taylor Ho Bynum/Tomas Fujiwara Duo Live on WFMU

From Improvised Communications, a recording of this live duo performance is available on WFMU’s site.

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Releases Reviews

DMG Newsletter March 13th, 2009

Better late than never, this week’s listing fro DMG:

Burnt Sugar! Steve Gauci/Nels Cline Qt! Drury, Melford & Krauss! Tomas Ulrich Cargo Cult! Trevor Watts & Peter Knight! Sophia Domancich/William Parker/Hamid Drake! Frederik Nordstrom! Magnus Broo! Marc Copland! Nicolas Thys with Chris Cheek!

Weasel Walter/Paul Flaherty/Greg Kelley/Forbes Graham! Kyle Bruckmann! Morton Feldman! Conlon Nancarrow! Makigami Koichi’s Hikashu! Trio Sowari: Durrant/Denzler/Beins!

Historic Discs from Dizzy Reece & John Gilmore, Keith Tippett, Ted Curson, Abbey Lincoln, Roy Harper, Kevin Drumm, Mighty Baby, The Open Mind and even more!

Also, Time Out NY has a brief article about their new home.

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Fast ‘N’ Bulbous in New York Tonight

From Captain Beefheart Up Sifter:

We’ve just received an announcement about the Fast ‘N’ Bulbous performance scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th in New York.

Fast ‘N’ Bulbous performs at (Le) Poisson Rouge Tuesday March 10th 2009.

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