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Long form reviews of new or old material

All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz. Taylor Ho Bynum Enter the PlusTet (Firehouse 12 Records) Dave Liebman Group Expansions Live (Whaling City Sound) Jason Roebke Octet Cinema Spiral (NoBusiness Records) Mark Dresser Seven Sedimental You (Clean Feed Records) The Core Trio Featuring … Continue reading

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Gapplegate Music Reviews

Source: Gapplegate Music Review. Wadada Leo Smith, America’s National Parks Benji Kaplan, Uai So Matt Ulery’s Loom / Large, Festival Trygve Seim, Rumi Songs

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A Closer Listen Reviews

Source: A Closer Listen. Kassel Jaeger ~ Onden Andrea Borghi ~ Fuochi Rituali di San Giuseppe Sylvia Monnier présente Mes Huit Défenses d’Eléphants Kim Myhr ~ Bloom Moonlooker ~ White Bird On Black Snow Raffaele Mariconte ~ So(E)nology / Alan … Continue reading

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ATTN:Magazine Reviews

Source: ATTN:Magazine. Norwell – Grasslands Porya Hatami – Phone to Logos

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Dalston Sound Reviews

Source: Dalston Sound. Kim Myhr – Bloom Ingar Zach – Le Stanze Oozing Wound – Whatever Forever Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann – Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann Serge Baghdassarians / Boris Baltschun / Burkhard Beins – Будущее совершенное (Future … Continue reading

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Something Else! Reviews

Source: Something Else!. Mats Gustafsson – MG 50: Peace and Fire (2016) Bobby Kapp + Matthew Shipp – Cactus (2016) Kali Z. Fasteau, featuring Kidd Jordan – Intuit (2016) Michael Bisio & Kirk Knuffke – Row For William O. (2016) … Continue reading

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Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Source: Downtown Music Gallery. David S. Ware & Matthew Shipp! Evan Parker/John Russell/Alex Ward/Pat Thomas/John Edwards Mopomoso 4 CD Set! Tisziji Munoz/John Medeski/Ra-Kalam Bob Moses 2 CD set + Two more gems from the Ra-Kalam label! Three from CvsD: Early … Continue reading

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