Celestial Ephemerides: A Collection Of Dark Ambient Summary Reviews, Part III 

Source: The Dungeon in Deep Space.

I love how Dark Ambient continues to grow and find ways to expand beyond the typical means of uniformity. While the baseline of stimulating drones and gloomy soundscapes are a permanent fixture in Dark Ambient music, the use of textured field recordings and the fusion of other genres show an increased variety in the music created for this genre and how it is able to expand. Welcome to round three of Celestial Ephemerides for my Dark Ambient summary reviews and I hope you savor this broad spectrum of releases and appreciate them as much as I do.

Harmonic Series 1/7 is Out

Source: harmonic series.

annotations expanded
a conversation about notation with Cristián Alvear and Radu Malfatti

Christoph Herndler – vom Festen, das Weiche (2006/2007)

Romy Caen, Nick Ashwood and Jim Denley – Between Back and Foreground (caterpillar, 2021)
eventless plot – anisixia (edition wandelweiser, 2021)
eva-maria houben – 3 trios (edition wandelweiser, 2021)
Charlotte Hug | Thomas Rohrer | Philip Somervell – F U O G N (QTV Label, 2021)
anne-f jacques – poudrerie (winds measure recordings, 2021)
Konus Quartett & Klaus Lang – Drei Allmenden (Cubus Records, 2021)
Catherine Lamb with Bryan Eubanks & Rebecca Lane – Prisma Interius IV (umland editions, 2021)
hannes lingens – music for strings (edition wandelweiser, 2021)
Andrea Massaria – New Needs Need New Techniques (Leo, 2021)
andré o. möller with hans eberhard maldfeld – out of a matrix (partially) (edition wandelweiser, 2021)
Phill Niblock – NuDaf (XI Records, 2021)
Weston Olencki – Verd Mont (SUPERPANG, 2021)
The Pitch – KM28 (Tripticks Tapes, 2021)
Christopher A. Williams & Liminar – On Perpetual (Musical) Peace? (Edition Telemark, 2021)

Freq Reviews

Source: Freq.

Wil Bolton – Sumida Colours
Cindytalk – The Wind Is Strong… / Wappinschaw
Alex Ward – Gated
Sun Ra – Lanquidity
Loscil – Clara
John Sellekaers – Observer Effect
Breathless – Between Happiness And Heartache
Maridalen – Maridalen
Gnod – Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy
Lunatraktors – The Missing Star
Klick und Aus – AIDS Delikat
Invictus Hi-Fi – The Market Deities
Nova Materia – Made To Measure Volume 45: Xpujil
The Holy Family – The Holy Family
Hector Zazou – Made To Measure Volume 5: Geographies

All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

The Last Call
Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine

Long Tall Sunshine
Barry Altschul’s 3Dom Factor

New York Eye And Ear Control Revisited
Albert Ayler

The Latest From Clean Feed Records
Multiple Artists

Zero Grasses: Ritual For The Losses
Jen Shyu and Jade Tongue

J. Peter Schwalm & Markus Reuter

Liudas Mockūnas / Arvydas Kazlauskas

Gerald Cleaver

New Perfect Sound Forever with Jon Hassell Tribute

Source: Perfect Sound Forever.

Composer’s early days & Floyd connection

Detroit’s version of Woodstock

Psychedelic musical terrorism


The Velvet’s forgotten avatar

Interview: Henry Cow years

Dispatches from the Lossless Wars

IM-OS Issue 7 is Out

Source: IM-OS. IM-OS is new music journal focused on improvised music, open scores in various forms like prose, graphic and action notations.

Editorial (Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen) 4
Music from drawing lines and a map of Harlem (John Voigt) 5
Reflections on the Scratch Orchestra (Alan Brett) 10
Transcript of BBC interview with Cornelius Cardew 16
about the Scratch Orchestra, 1972 (Alan Brett)
Excerpts from Meditations (VII) for any ensemble 19
(Andreja Andric, 2019)
Cornelius Cardew, the Scratch Orchestra and its Text Scores 1966 – 72. 22
(Stefan Szczelkun)
Compositions No 1 and 2 for the Scratch Orchestra (Stefan Szczelkun) 41
Voicepiece (Christopher Hobbs, 1967) 42
Small notes (Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen)