All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Liebman, Rudolph & Drake
Chi (RareNoiseRecords)

Wadada Leo Smith
Rosa Parks: Pure Love. An Oratorio of Seven Songs (TUM Records)

Chat Noir
Hyperuranion (RareNoiseRecords)

11 (Cherry Red Records)

David Torn/Tim Berne/Ches Smith
Sun Of Goldfinger (ECM Records)

Pet Variations (Odin Records)

Scott Fields Ensemble
Barclay (Ayler Records)

Percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani in Orlando Reviewed

Source: Orlando Weekly.

By nature, avant-garde music always has it uphill. But fortunately, there’s a small but serious network of cognoscenti here that keeps it a viable factor in Orlando. From the In-Between Series gallery shows to the Timucua White House to wherever the Civic Minded 5 touch down to informal house shows like this, art music seems to find a way in our city.