All About Jazz Reviews

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A Pride Of Lions
A Pride Of Lions (The Bridge Sessions)

Federico Ughi
Transoceanico (577 Records)

King Crimson
Live in Newcastle, December 8, 1972 (DGM Live)

Wadada Leo Smith / Sabu Toyozumi
Burning Meditation (NoBusiness Records)

Dom Minasi
Remembering Cecil (Unseen Rain Records)

Kaja Draksler / Petter Eldh / Christian Lillinger
Punkt.Vrt.Plastik (Intakt Records)

Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
Glitter Wolf (Royal Potato Family)

The Hands (Rune Grammofon)

Gapplegate Music Reviews

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Sergio Cervetti, Parallel Realms, XXI Century Works for Orchestra, Moravian Philharmonic, Petr Vronsky. MINI-Review

Leo Brouwer, Hika and the Young Composer, Frederic Zigante

Ian Krouse. Armenian Requiem, soloists, VEM String Quartet, Tziatzan Children’s Choir, Lark Master Singers, UCLA Philhamonia, Neal Stulberg

Samuel Andreyev, Music with No Edges

First Show of the Frank Zappa Hologram Tour Reviewed

Source: Consequence of Sound.

It’s been more than a quarter century since the physical world lost Frank Zappa, the experimental rocker whose avant-garde music was as trippy as it was innovative. Now, 25-plus years later, the late legend has rematerialized in “The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa” hologram tour, which kicked off last night at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. With a collective hologram experience consisting mostly of Princess Leia telling Obi-Wan Kenobi he’s our only hope, fans filed into the venue with a high sense of curiosity.

Sunn O))) Pick Their Bandcamp Favorites 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Over the course of Sunn O)))’s two-decade-long career, the group has managed to find a lot of space within space. Core members Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley have become infamous for their lumbering approach to modern classical, black metal, and noise—or to put it in layman’s terms, for stretching out every last, hulking riff for as long as possible.

But the duo’s latest record, Life Metal, is a bit of an outlier. Produced by noise rock icon Steve Albini, it finds Sunn O))) instilling their famously-foreboding dronescapes with more warmth and clarity. “You can hear every single amplifier if you focus on it,” O’Malley says. “There are a lot of other frequencies in the music that haven’t come across as clearly before, especially in the high frequencies. That gives a real vibrancy to the proceedings.”

Anderson and O’Malley are metal dudes first and foremost, though, as evidenced by the cvlt shout-outs scattered throughout the record. The first thing the listener hears is a sample of Bathory’s “Odens Ride Over Nordland,” the iconic intro to one of black metal’s genre-defining albums, Blood Fire Death (a ballsy first impression, to say the least). The title track also contains an Easter egg; it’s named for a diss ascribed to Swedish death metal legends Entombed when they signed with Columbia, which they discovered hanging out with ex-Entombed member Nicke Andersson.

Ahead of their latest, we asked Anderson and O’Malley to pick some of their favorite Bandcamp releases. Their selections prove emblematic of Sunn O)))’s dynamic: Anderson’s all about metal and punk, while O’Malley’s partial to experimental music. Here’s what they’ve been listening to lately.