Tri-Centric Foundation / Anthony Braxton Update

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation.

[Bootleg Series]
Please visit our SoundCloud page to listen to some of our Bootleg Albums. Just added is Quartet (Avignon) 1974. We will continue to upload more in the coming days.

[Shipping delay and free Vimeo link]
Shipping for box sets will be delayed. For anyone purchasing the Trillium J box set, we will immediately send out a free streaming and download Vimeo link for the performance of Trillium J, the content of the Blu-ray included in the box set. Regarding the upcoming release Duo (Improv) 2017, the duo of Anthony with Eugene Chadbourne, we are hoping to have the box sets in hand by late spring or early summer. We will keep you posted.

[Face the Music]
We are very excited to collaborate once again with Kaufman Music Center’s Face the Music, our third year together! You may recall The New York Times article documenting the very beginning, when we first introduced Anthony Braxton’s Language Music to the students. This time, we will be working with the students remotely and plan to present more Braxton compositions including Composition No. 10 (photo above). Hats off to Face the Music for continuing to engage the students during this difficult time.

[Tri-Axium Writings]
Tri-Axium Writings is coming along! Please take a look below, a sample page produced by Jody Diamond from Frog Peak Music with whom we are partnering for this project. We decided on the font and the size. Now we will produce chapters, then start rolling them out to various proofreaders.

[Forces In Motion]
We have been alerted that Graham Lock’s Forces In Motion has made its film debut! “The big moment comes just after the 16’ 40” mark.”

Wayward Music Streaming Events

Source: Wayward Music Series.

Fri. Apr. 3, 8 – 9:15 PM.
Classical guitarist Mark Hilliard Wilson plays delicate, spacious music from the Wandelweiser collective: 8 PM – Eva Maria Houben’s Aeolian Islands; 8:30 PM – Jurg Frey’s Guitarist Alone; 9 PM – a freely improvised postlude.

Fri. Apr. 3, 12 – 1 PM.
Amy Denio presents SPRING FORTH!, a weekly musical exploration session of voice and looping. Singing is essential for our well-being, and improvising music frees us from mental and physical bounds.

Sat. Apr. 4, 8 PM.
Stuart McLeod presents Music in Isolation II – Meditations during the pandemic for brain waves, neurosynth, drum triggers, electronics & video streamed live from his garage.

ISSUE Project Room Streaming Archive New Additions

Source: ISSUE Project Room.

Beatriz Ferreyra presents an improvisation using a Revox tape recorder, augmented with an analog matrix and a synchronizer box with self-designed variable speed drives. Ferreyra describes the use of the magnetic tape as “very physical, it puts the movement of the body into a direct relationship with the sound that is shaped.”

ISSUE welcomes pioneering French composers Beatriz Ferreyra & Christine Groult, presenting collaborative work. Ferreyra and Groult have worked together on multiple performances and releases including Nahash, released in 2015 on the Parisian label trAce.

ISSUE presents pioneering French composer Christine Groult’s debut U.S. performance.

Her first-ever piece for trumpet, Sarah Hennies’s Monologue is a celebration of the trumpet as frustrating machinery, taking the tubing and valves as instruments in themselves activated, or not, by the player’s breath. In this sense, the work is a deconstruction of what it is to be a trumpet player, blowing into a machine in hopes of something meaningful coming out the other end.

The series closes with Sarah Hennies taking center stage herself to perform her piece Fleas (2017). The music here is made entirely from objects found at thrift stores and flea markets and will feature Greenberg, Roberts, Schoenbeck, and Wooley in a supporting role. In Hennies’s words, Fleas is “Not exactly music made from trash, but music made from objects of little monetary value that someone decided they didn’t want anymore. Objects usually tell you how to play them if you’ll allow it.”

Katherine Young’s work for trombone and electronics, Puddles and Crumbs, is performed by Weston Olencki, who collaborated closely with Young in the composition and electro-acoustic setting of the work.

The first evening of FOR/WITH concludes with the world premiere of a new work by Ryoko Akama. One of the younger generation of composers influenced by the wandelweiser group (of which Houben is a major figure), Akama’s work deals with the relationships between performer and space, sound and time, and how the visual becomes the aural.

Cellist/composer Leila Bordreuil and guitarist/composer Lee Ranaldo debut an improvised duet, and are then joined by sound artist Stephan Moore, presenting a new collaboration that embarks from their previous trio performance at ISSUE in 2016.

AMN Celebrates Braxton 75 : Part XIV

Headshot Anthony Braxton courtesy of the artistWelcome to AMN Celebrates Braxton 75, a multipart series focused on the work of American composer and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Braxton. Braxton, who in 2020 will be celebrating his seventy-fifth birthday, is one of the most important and influential creative minds of the past fifty years. Each week this series will feature three to four links of live performances, interviews, and articles found on the web that should be of interest to both the curious and the longtime explorers of Braxton’s music.

We begin this week with Anthony Braxton in a spirited solo alto saxophone performance from 2017 at Fringe Arts, October Revolution in Philadelphia.

Here is a wonderful trio performance of Anthony Braxton with George Lewis on trombone and Mark Dresser on bass from Antwerpen in 1985 at Jazz Middleheim. While Braxton always forges deep musical connections with his collaborators, his work with George Lewis is very special as they seem to always be connected in ways that few musicians ever are.

We conclude this weeks post with an interview that Nate Wooley did with Anthony Braxton for BOMB in 2014. The interview was done just prior to the world premieres of Braxton’s “Trillium” opera. Braxton’s excitement leaps off the page. He also admits to watching ancient aliens. Me too.

Join us again next week for another post as AMN Celebrates Braxton 75

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Roulette at Home Launched

Source: Roulette at Home.

As we adapt to this challenging and unparalleled moment presented by COVID-19, our greatest priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. As a result, Roulette has suspended its live programming for the time being. We hope to resume our Spring Season and welcome you back to our venue in mid-May (or as soon as officials and health experts advise that it is safe to gather). Read our official statement here.

In the meantime, we are excited to introduce Roulette at Home — a way for us to stay connected through special digital content in our newsletters and social media channels. We hope you will join us in the discovery and exploration of concert recordings, video, podcasts, Roulette TV, archival photographs, writing, and interviews from Roulette’s 40-year history delivered to you at a social distance.

We believe in the importance of art in difficult times and we remain committed to supporting and nourishing our artists and community. We will see you online, and hopefully in-person very soon.

Live@NationalSawdust Streaming

Source: National Sawdust.

Live@NationalSawdust will feature weekly releases from our archive of live performances. Free for audiences across the globe, we bring the joyful, profound, and transformative art of music to connect us all at this extraordinary time of crisis.

National Sawdust harnesses the power of music to drive community by creating a home for collaboration, a place where artists and audiences alike come together to share their passions. Even though our physical doors are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re still building community through this digital platform, Live@NationalSawdust, for all to find joy and inspiration. Please consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation to help us continue to foster our vibrant mission and to support the artists that are the lifeblood of our community.

Opening Night 2015: Philip Glass, Foday Musa Suso, and Jeffrey Zeigler

Opening Night 2015: Chris Thile

Opening Night 2015: Tanya Tagaq, Jeffrey Zeigler, Nels Cline, and Glenn Kotche

Opening Night 2015: Nico Muhly and Nadia Sirota

Opening Night 2015: Eve Gigliotti, Gyan Riley, and Jeffrey Zeigler perform Paola Prestini’s Yoani Songs