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BILL THOMPSON – Mouthful Of Silence



70 Years of Musique Concrete Concert in Paris, October 5

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2018 8:00 PM

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary and the 70th anniversary of musique concrète, INA’s Musical Research Group will propose several events throughout the year. The season will begin with a birthday concert, will continue with the festival “Electronic Presences” and a weekend of concerts Akousma to explore the multiple universes of experimental music.

Anniversary Concert celebrating the 70th anniversary of the first Broadcasting of the Noise Concert (1948)

Pierre Schaeffer
Five Noise Studies

Ivo Malec

Bernard Parmegiani
Points against the field (from De Natura Sonorum)

Pierre Henry
Continuum (from Movement-Rhythm-Study)

Luc Ferrari
Head and tail of the dragon

Gilles Racot

Beatriz Ferreyra

Régis Renouard Larivière

Sarah Davachi Interviewed

Source: The Quietus.

Since 2013’s The Untuning Of The Sky, renowned Canadian composer and performer Sarah Davachi has been responsible for a steady stream of releases, exploring her considered approach to composition, and her expertise in synthesis.

Having previously studied philosophy, Davachi honed in on her interests in sound whilst studying at Mills College in Oakland, California.

In the years since, she quickly established herself as an artist with a reputation for proficiencies in this field, as heard on records such as Qualities Of Bodies Permanent. Her love for instruments and fascinations with timbre and space form the basis for an ever-captivating discography that evidences a patience and thoughtfulness that is hard to come by nowadays. The 2015 record, released via Constellation Tatsu, explored the capabilities and minutiae of synths such as the ARP 2500, Buchla Music Easel and EMS Synthi AKS.

Steve Coleman’s Latest Album Reviewed

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Composer and saxophonist Steve Coleman started his experience in New York City with a two-year stint in the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra. The band’s famed residency playing Monday nights at the Village Vanguard included Coleman’s tenure between 1978 and 1980. By 1985, Coleman had formed a loose collective (M-Base—a kind of acronym, but never mind) that was exploring a new intersection of funk/soul and jazz. Early heroes like Maceo Parker cohabited with the likes of Charlie Parker and Cecil Taylor in this music. With the new sound of hip-hop creeping in around edges too, nothing else sounded quite like it.

AMN Reviews: Daniel Barbiero, Ken Moore, Dave Vosh – “transparent points on four axes”[pyr260]

Transparent-Points-on-Four-Axes-cover-768x768“transparent points on four axes” is a studio collaboration by Daniel Barbiero on double bass, sylosynth app and microbrute synthesizer. (Yes, AMN Readers this is the same Daniel Barbiero that frequently posts reviews here on AMN.) Ken Moore on STEIM Crackle Box, minimoog, emax sampler and various percussion. Dave Vosh on analogue modular synthesizer. It is a very interesting album that is bound to be the best free download you will get all year. It has been released on pan y rosas discos. A netlabel out of Chicago that focuses on experimental, noise, improvisation and weirdo rock.  It has a catalog of 260 releases all of which are free downloads.

The eight pieces on “transparent points on four axes” each began as a single layer of either a composed or improvised track to form a ground layer from which each of the participants then added additional layers. The use of this ground layer provides an underlying sense of direction as each piece’s dialog develops and unfolds. The pieces have a great deal of sonic and textural variety and the album is very well recorded and mixed. There are pieces that are driven by exceptional bass playing with lyrical use of bowed harmonics and the extreme upper register of the bass. Other pieces seem to be driven by more sensitive and nuanced percussion. The analog synth work is really interesting because it can at times give the pieces that retro analog early electronic music vibe, however I think that it really works on this album because it completely avoids the repetitive sequencer driven drivel that is currently being produced by so many contemporary musicians using analog and modular synths.

“transparent points on four axes” is a really interesting listen of solid contemporary experimental  music and it is free. So grab it and enjoy it!  And maybe poke around the rest of the releases on pan y rosas discos and explore some new sounds.

Highly recommended!

Chris De Chiara


Newsbits: Cortex in Chicago / Daniel Barbiero Interview / Paul Lanksy Release

Free jazz group Cortex’s upcoming Chicago visit is previewed.

On Wednesday night the Coda show on Takoma Radio ( will be interviewing Daniel Barbiero about The December 1952 Project, which includes a realization of Earle Brown’s December 1952 that he will be leading at the 2018 Sonic Circuits Festival. The interview starts at around 7PM.

Bridge Records has put out a new Paul Lansky release, The Long and Short of It.