The Stone in June

Source: The Stone Calendar.

6/1 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar, banjo, vocals) Kresten Osgood (drums) Jeb Bishop (trombone)

6/2 Thursday
8:30 pm
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar,banjo,vocals) Kresten Osgood (drums) Jah-Rohm Parker Wells (bass)

6/3 Friday
8:30 pm
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar,banjo,vocals) David Licht (drums) Jah-Rohm Parker Wells (bass) Jeb Bishop (trombone)

6/4 Saturday
8:30 pm
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar,banjo,vocals) Jim McHugh (guitar, phin) David Menestries (bass) David Licht (drums) Jeb Bishop( trombone)

6/8 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Cecilia Lopez (electronics) Brandon Lopez (double bass) Zeena Parkins (harps)

6/9 Thursday
8:30 pm
Glass Triangle with special guest Craig Taborn
Craig Taborn (piano) Ryan Sawyer (drums) Nordic Friend (sax) Zeena Parkins (harps)

6/10 Friday
8:30 pm
Glass Triangle with special guest Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez (double bass) Ryan Sawyer (drums) Nordic Friend (sax) Zeena Parkins (harps)

6/11 Saturday
8:30 pm
Glass Triangle
Zeena Parkins (harps) Nordic Friend (sax) Ryan Sawyer (drums)

6/15 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Julian Lage and Jason Moran
Julian Lage (guitar) Jason Moran (piano)

6/16 Thursday
8:30 pm
Julian Lage and Kris Davis
Julian Lage (guitar) Kris Davis (piano)

6/17 Friday
8:30 pm
Julian Lage and Jorge Roeder
Julian Lage (guitar) Jorge Roeder (bass)

6/18 Saturday
8:30 pm
Julian Lage and Joe Lovano
Julian Lage (guitar) Joe Lovano (sax)

6/22 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Blue Buddha
Dave Douglas (trumpet) Louie Belogenis (tenor saxophone) Bill Laswell (bass) Kate Gentile (drums)

6/23 Thursday
8:30 pm
Louie Belogenis, Roberta Piket, Rubin Kodheli and Billy Mintz
Louie Belogenis (soprano and tenor saxophones) Roberta Piket (piano) Rubin Kodheli (cello) Billy Mintz (drums)

6/24 Friday
8:30 pm
Ikue Mori, Louie Belogenis and Sylvie Courvoisier
Ikue Mori (electronics) Louie Belogenis (soprano and tenor saxophones) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

6/25 Saturday
8:30 pm
Twice Told Tales
Louie Belogenis (soprano and tenor saxophones) Trevor Dunn (bass) Ryan Sawyer (drums)

6/29 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Vadim Neselovskyi: Odesa—A Musical Walk Through a Legendary City
Vadim Neselovskyi (piano)
The world at large has been inundated with news from the recent Russian incursion into the country of Ukraine. While the storms of war gather, pianist and composer Vadim Neselovskyi chooses to remind people of the country’s important cultural legacy. Neselovskyi has created a full-length solo piano piece inspired by his hometown on the Black Sea, and a Unesco City of Literature, Odesa.

6/30 Thursday
8:30 pm
Simon Hanes (guitar) Sami Stevens (voice) Evan Allen (pump organ) Joanna Mattrey (viola)

Coming to San Francisco

Source: Bay Improviser Calendar.

Friday, May 27

Fri 5/27 7:00 PM Medicine for Nightmares [3036 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110]
medicine for nightmares presents animals & giraffes (Phillip Greenlief and claudia la rocco) with special guests david boyce (saxophone, electronics) and evelyn davis (keyboard)

Fri 5/27 8:00 PM Mosswood Sound Series [3630 Telegraph Ave enter 2nd door on 37th St Oakland]
JASON KAHN + Kevin Corcoran / KIM NUCCI

Fri 5/27 8:00 PM Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Friday May 27 8:00-10:30pm $20 (cash only) at door
John Schott: composer, guitarist
Cecilia Engelhart, Aurora Josephson: vocals
Cory Wright, Nikita Manin: clarinets
Scott Larson: trombone
Crystal Pascucci: violoncello
Mark Clifford: vibraphone
Kanoko Nishi: koto
Lisa Mezzacappa, Safa Shokrai: bass
Suki O’Kane: percussion
John Hanes, Jason Levis: drums

Sunday, May 29

Sun 5/29 7:30 PM Adobe Books [3130 24th St SF]
Jason Kahn & Kevin Corcoran (analog electronics & percussion, Switzerland/San Francisco)
Danishta Rivero (voice & electronics)
Gabby Wen & Jorge Bachmann (electronics & guqin)
Three sets of electroacoustic improvisation Sunday May 29th at Adobe Books in San Francisco

Wednesday, June 1

Wed 6/01 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
LSG New Music Series – Phillip Greenlief, Rivero/ Nishi-Smith/Corcoran/Felix Heule

Coming From Tzadik

Source: Tzadik.

John Zorn: John Zorn’s Olympiad – vol. 2 Fencing 1978 [#8390]
Two extremely rare live recordings of the classic Zorn composition Fencing from the early days of the Downtown scene. Featuring two realizations of the piece—one recorded at Zorn’s artist loft The Theatre of Musical Optics with Eugene Chadbourne, Duck Baker, and Randy Hutton on guitars—and the other at Bard College with Chadbourne, Polly Bradfield, and John Zorn, a legendary concert that took place with George Lewis, Anthony Braxton, and Roscoe Mitchell in the audience. The music is astonishing—strange sounds, odd juxtapositions, stark silences, sudden explosions, all held together by a bizarre overarching compositional logic. Featuring a 16-page booklet replete with photos, scores, and extensive notes and remembrances by Zorn, Chadbourne, Baker, and George Lewis, this is a collector’s dream. Vexing and powerful sounds from the 1978 New York Underground!
(July 2022)

John Zorn: Suite For Piano [#8389]
Inspired in part by the Goldberg Variations and Schoenberg’s solo piano music, Suite For Piano is Zorn’s very personal take on some of the oldest traditional classical forms. It is performed here by one of the most dedicated, virtuosic, and passionate interpreters in the Zorn universe, Brian Marsella, whose educational experience (too “jazz” for the classical world and too “classical” for the jazz world) makes him the perfect interpreter of Zorn’s cross-pollinating musical poetics. Accompanied by the telepathic rhythm section of Jorge Roeder and Ches Smith (Heaven and Earth Magick) this is a beautiful and soulful program of music for the classic instrumentation of piano, bass, and drums.
(July 2022)

John Zorn: Multiplicities: A Repository Of Non-Existent Objects [#8391]
Written in December of 2020, Multiplicities: A Repository of Non-Existent Objects is collection of twenty philosophical aphorisms inspired by the writings and thought of Gilles Deleuze. Hearkening back to the intensity of the hardcore miniatures of Torture Garden, this is a wildly varied and multifaceted exploration of instrumental music at its most extreme. Featuring Zorn’s newest ensemble Chaos Magick, a satellite of Simulacrum, the performances are passionate, tight, and filled with unexpected twists and turns.
(September 2022)

Ikue Mori: Tracing The Magic [#4040]
Tracing The Magic is Ikue Mori’s most varied and fabulous CD to date and it is an absolute masterpiece! Seven pieces, each inspired by (and dedicated to) women artists whose powerful vision and creativity drove them to continue creating well into their ’80s and ’90s: Joan Jonas, Louise Bourgeois, Agnes Martin, Judit Reigl, Leonora Carrington, Jakuchu Sekuchi, and Toko Shinoda. The ensemble lineups feature some of the most exciting musicians working today and include friends new (Charmane Lee, Sae Hashimoto) and old (Sylvie Courvoisier, Makigami Koichi, Erik Friedlander, Satoko Fujii, Natsuki Tamura, Zeena Parkins, Ned Rothenberg, David Watson). Moody, lyrical, textural, and evocative, the music is driven by Ikue’s unique electronics and showcases her brilliant ear for orchestration, melody, and texture.
(June 2022)

Hermeto Pascoal Interview

Source: Jazzwise.

Making his professional debut in the mid 1960s, Pascoal helped to broaden the vocabulary of bossa nova through his work with legendary Brazilians such as Edu Lobo and Quarteto Novo, alongside drummer-percussionist Airto Moreira, who later introduced him to Miles Davis. Pascoal then continued to develop as a solo artist.

For the past half-century he has been a seasoned international musical traveler who has dazzled audiences at prestigious jazz festivals such as Montreux and also collaborated many times with musicians around the world. Pascoal’s influence on several generations of European artists has been significant and in 2011 he led a big band at London’s Barbican centre that brought together his own ensemble and a host of leading British players. Next month, Pascoal returns to the venue on 5 May with his sextet augmented by the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, and the Norfolk & Norwich festival.

RIP Alan White

Source: The Guardian.

Alan White, longtime drummer for prog rock band Yes, has died at home aged 72 after a short illness. Announcing the news, the band said they were “shocked and stunned”. White was one of the longest-running members of the group, having joined in 1972, replacing Bill Bruford (who joined King Crimson).

AMN Reviews: Michael Francis Duch – mind is moving (iv) [SOFA 591]

mind is moving (iv) for solo double bass is a relatively early work by Michael Pisaro-Liu, a composer associated with the Wandelweiser collective since the early 1990s. The piece is part of a series intended to explore the sonic vocabularies of particular instruments played solo. The structure of the composition is fairly simple: there are sixty sounds available to be played pizzicato at low volume and in any order, one sound per minute. A performance can run from thirty to sixty minutes, depending on how many of the sounds the performer chooses to play. For this album, which represents the first recording of the piece, Norwegian double bassist Michael Francis Duch has chosen to play all sixty sounds.

Like many Wandelweiser-associated works, mind is moving (iv) is as much a conceptual piece about the perception of time and the permeable boundary between sound and silence as it is a musical piece as such. The individual sound events that make up the piece’s non-narrative narrative are situated as so many isolated points along a continuum of relative emptiness; the choice of pizzicato rather than arco sounds limits the events’ durations, which only serves to dramatize their finitude and contingency within the encompassing expanse of infinite time. Consequently, the normal experience of listening to music by anticipating its impending forward motion has very little to gain a purchase on, and instead one’s awareness is thrown back on itself as much as it is directed toward the intermittent sounds of the instrument. Duch’s performance, which was recorded in Trondheim’s Nidaros Cathedral in August 2019, is appropriately unhurried and meditative; he lets each event speak for itself and even given the deliberately restricted timbral range of the sounds, he is able to bring out the individual character of each one. An integral part of the performance, the acoustics of the building’s interior space play a formative role in shaping the ebb and flow of individual sound events as they come into and go out of existence.

Daniel Barbiero

Coming to Seattle

Source: Wayward Music Series.

Inverted Space: The Return, Parts I & II
Thu. May 27 & Fri. May 28, 8 PM; $15 at door

Inverted Space Ensemble returns with two consecutive concerts. The first features Philip Glass’ Music in Fifths, Kerrith Livengood’s Scrawl Etude and Julius Eastman’s Stay On It. The second features Seattle premieres of Vera Ivanova’s Children’s Games, Linda Bouchard’s Liquid States, and Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire.

Jason Kahn & Alan F. Jones
Thu. June 2, 8 PM; $8 – $20 donation at door

Jason Kahn (Zürich) and Alan F. Jones (Tracyton, WA) will perform in support of Jason’s ongoing US tour, with two solo sets each and one duo set for an evening of dynamic modular synthesis and prepared pedal steel guitar.

NonSeq: sous chef + friends
Fri. June 3, 8 PM; $5 – $20 donation at door

sous chef (Antoine Martel) blends modular synths, classical & film-inspired pianos, strings, and horns with experimental sounds & concrète-style sampling. beanieskimask (Victory Nguyen) and Derek Blackstone will enter a boundless sonic playground under the supervision of the Great Creator, guided by Intuition, and entrusted to spontaneous Creation. Curated by Carlos Snaider for Nonsequitur’s NonSeq series.

Jeff Greinke & Rob Angus
Sat. June 4, 8 PM; $5 – 15 donation at the door

Deeply informed by his time living in the desert outside of Tucson, ex-Seattle’s ambient pioneer Jeff Greinke returns for a solo set of electronic and sample-based music with projections of his new video work. He’ll also play a short duo set with longtime friend and collaborator Rob Angus, who opens with a solo set of his own

Vital Weekly Reviews 1337

Source: Vital Weekly.

SMEGMA – DIVES HEADFIRST INTO PUNK ROCK 1978/79 (CD by Krim Kram Records) *
DRESSING (CD by Krim Kram Records) *
MASAYO KOKETSU – FUKIYA (CD by Relative Pitch Records) *
CHILD OF ILLUSION – KHIMAIRA (CD by Relative Pitch Records) *
NEKROPHILE RECORDS (10LP/2 7″ by Vinyl On Demand)
ISOLATED COMMUNITY – FARMHOUSE BROTHEL (CDR by Northumberland Audio Capture) *
ED & PETALS – TESSERAE (CDR by Minimal Resource Manipulations) *
PHIL MAGUIRE – RAINSWEET STILLNESS (CDR by Minimal Resource Manipulations) *
ZEBRA MU – LIVE AT THE OPEN MIC NIGHT #2 (3″ CDR, Self-Released) *
HEIMITO KÜNST – POST EXOTICISM (cassette by Shrimper) *
ICE YACHT – NOISY NYLON (cassette by Snatch Tapes) *
MATT ATKINS – IMPERFECTIONS (cassette by Wabi Sabi Tapes) *

Jessica Pavone String Ensemble in Chicago June 4

Source: Lampo.

The Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts
915 East 60th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Jessica Pavone has been active in the New York improv scene for years, well known for her prolific collaborations. But it may be her solo viola music where she has most deeply concentrated her long tone practice, her interests in repetition and song form, and the physicality of playing her “somewhat larger-than-comfortable” instrument.

Pavone expands on these themes from her solo work with the J. Pavone String Ensemble. The group explores what she calls “the tactile experience,” while incorporating research into the effects of sonic vibrations on human physiology and emotion.

Here they present new compositions Hidden Voices, Done and Dusted, …of Late, and others. Joining Pavone in her ensemble are Abby Swidler on violin and viola and Aimée Niemann on violin.