Coming to San Francisco

Source: Bay Improviser Calendar.

Saturday, January 28

Sat 1/28 7:00 PM Audium [1616 Bush Street]
Residency Rewind: New Voices
Did you miss last year’s Audium residency shows? In anticipation of this year’s residency premiere, Audium is winding back to one year ago. This show is a limited rerun of the historic first residency, a reimagining of the space through immersive compositions of spatial sound.

Sat 1/28 7:30 PM Adobe Books [3130 24th St SF]
Nathan Wheeler (New York)
San Kazakgascar (Sacramento)
Kae Wu / Jorge Bachmann / Kevin Corcoran (Taipei / San Francisco)
An bicoastal and international evening of electroacoustic drone, psychedelic post punk, and textural noise poetry at the bookshop on 24th street, a possibly overlooked epicenter of interesting happenings in San Francisco.

Sat 1/28 8:30 PM Indexical [Tannery Arts Center 1050 River St. #119 Santa Cruz]
Rodrigo Barriga Ensemble + Myles Morgan // Exploring ensemble interaction and communication through the use of openness and structured improvisation.

Sunday, January 29

Sun 1/29 7:00 PM Mosswood Sound Series [3630 Telegraph Ave enter 2nd door on 37th St Oakland]
The world-renowned cellist FRANCES-MARIE UITTI permieres PIOMBO, a new composition for solo 2Bows Cello by LUCIANO CHESSA.
Uitti and Chessa also perform QUEST[O] / Una meditazione (2022) for cello, piano and voices.

Tuesday, January 31

Tue 1/31 8:00 PM The Knockout [3223 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110]
Grex, Gentleman Surfer, Nine Dog Dick
Fiery sounds from Nor Cal, featuring Oakland experimental duo Grex (Karl Evangelista + Rei Scampavia), Sacramento avant prog band Gentleman Surfer (Jon Bafus, a.o.), and free improvisation/noise group Nine Dog Dick (Matt Chandler + Doug Katelus + Jay Korber + Tom Weeks).

Wednesday, February 1

Wed 2/01 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
Luggage Store New Music Series and Outsound Presents
Night of the Tenor
Kevin Robinson, Joshua Allen-solo tenor saxophone

Thursday, February 2

Thu 2/02 7:30 PM Mosswood Chapel [3630 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA]
UMA Gallery Oakland is very excited to present the multitalented NYC composer/artist/performer M. Lamar. Alumnus of both SF Art Institue and Yale School of Art Lamar has been presented internationaly, most recently at The Rewire Festival in The Hague. An operatic countertenor and pianist, Lamar is a wizard at extracting elements from folk lamentation, European opera and goth creating his own revolutionary style aimed for the deepest spiritual and moral transformation.

Saturday, February 4

Sat 2/04 8:00 PM Spruce Street Concerts [send email to]
Ben Goldberg’s new Quartet, “Jewish Leftist Intellectual”, performs at Spruce Street Concerts, a home concert venue in the Berkeley Hills. This quartet features Ben Goldberg on clarinet, Rob Reich on accordion, Andrew Conklin on electric guitar & Daniel Fabricant on bass. Seating is limited. We ask payment in advance of the concert by PayPal, Venmo or check to secure a seat.

Sat 2/04 8:00 PM Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
Click to make donation
Laetitia Sonami performs 100 Trillions, a world premiere, in collaboration with Paul DeMarinis and SUE-C.Sonami also performs a new collaboration with James Fei as part of the Sparrows and Ortolans duo, as well as a new solo work.

Interviews Performances

Composer John Zorn Brings Eight Bands to Big Ears Festival 

Source: NPR.

Trick question: How do you chronicle the creative plenitude of John Zorn? It’s a fool’s errand, considering his body of work, which at least resists categorization if not the very limits of description. Still, there’s copious insight, and no small amount of pleasure, to be gained from a flash immersion in Zorn’s sonic world — an irresistible opportunity that surfaced at the 2022 Big Ears Festival, where he shared his uncompromising vision in eight distinct musical settings.


Zorn and Others to Perform at a Concert for Ukraine

Source: The New School.

Join us for A Concert for Ukraine presented by John Zorn and The College of Performing Arts at The New School. General admission tickets are free with a suggested donation of $50 and above to Razom. Doors will open at 11:30am.


Laurie Anderson violin, voice
John Zorn alto sax

Johnny Gandelsman violin
Colin Jacobsen violin
Nicholas Cords viola
Michael Nicolas cello

Marc Ribot guitar
Mary Halvorson guitar

Ravi Coltrane tenor sax
Adam Rogers guitar
Dezron Douglas bass
Kush Abadey drums

Presented by John Zorn and the College of Performing Arts at The New School

Artist Profile

Albert Ayler Profiled

Source: Jazzwise.

Albert Ayler was a progenitor of free and spiritual jazz, an innovator whose influence on the music is profound. Stuart Nicholson assesses his career and the complex personality that shaped his singular sound


Dusted Reviews

Source: Dusted.

John Cale — Mercy (Domino)

Wes Tirey — No Winners in the Blues (Full Spectrum)


Noise Not Music Reviews

Source: Noise Not Music.

Review: Zbyszko Cracker / MAURICIO – Shovlin’ (Grandmother’s House, Jan 13)

Review: Shadow Pattern – Outside Inside (Inside Outside) (Radiant Clay, Jan 13)


The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: January 2023 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

All kinds of experimental music can be found on Bandcamp: free jazz, avant-rock, dense noise, outer-limits electronics, deconstructed folk, abstract spoken word, and so much more. If an artist is trying something new with an established form or inventing a new one completely, there’s a good chance they’re doing it on Bandcamp. Each month, Marc Masters picks some of the best releases from across this wide, exploratory spectrum. January’s selection includes genre-mashing, shrieking noise-jazz; hydraulic sound submersion; and moving drones played on an instrument made of metal and glass.


Ussachevsky Memorial Festival of Electroacoustic Music Takes Place Next Weekend

Source: Pomona College.

Under the coordination of Professor Tom Flaherty, John P. and Magdalena R. Dexter Professor of Music, the 31st annual Ussachevsky Memorial Festival of Electroacoustic Music runs through the weekend. This year’s festival features two concerts with music that has been composed for humans and electronics.

This year’s second concert features music by Elizabeth Brown, Liam Carey, Christopher Cerrone, Tom Flaherty*, Allison Loggins-Hull, Natalie Joachim, Egbert Jan Louwerse, Wenbin Lyu, Niloufar Shiri and Eleanor Turner performed by Melissa Givens*, soprano; Maggie Parkins*, cello; Rachel Rudich*, flute; Alison Bjorkedal*, harp; Nadia Shpachenko, piano; and Niloufar Shiri, kamancheh.

AMN Reviews

AMN Reviews: Andrew Raffo Dewar, John Hughes, Chad Popple – Reflejos IV-VII [Waveform Alphabet WA002]

Reflejos IV-VII is the second release from the transatlantic trio of soprano saxophonist Andrew Raffo Dewar, double bassist John Hughes, and percussionist Chad Popple. Like 2018’s Reflejo, the work on which this release continues and extends, Reflejos IV-VII was recorded in Hamburg, Germany, where Hughes and Popple are currently based.

The four Reflejos are compositions by Dewar. They are members of a series of thematically organized pieces that employ forms based on inversions (mirror images or “reflections,” as Dewar’s titles have it) and related structures, as well as looped motifs. At one extreme is Reflejos V, the motif to which is a single note played by all three (with Popple on vibes, as he is on all of the Reflejos and Trizas) across staggered rhythms that produce variations in color and density. The piece eventually settles into a seven-beat pulse carried on a bass ostinato. Reflejos VII features slightly off-kilter, contrapuntally played motifs, while Reflejos VI moves from an opening featuring a reflective line on vibes floating over a gently undulating, bowed bass, to a gritty bass solo that highlights the sound of the instrument as brute material fact. In contrast to the longer and more developed Reflejos, the brief Trizas strip the music down to isolate and reveal the brief, repeated phrases that make up its conceptual core.

The melodically-organized Reflejos and Trizas are accompanied by two improvisations that explore more abstract territory notable for the salience of textures produced by extended techniques and unpitched percussion.

Daniel Barbiero

AMN Picks General

AMN Picks of the Week: Paolo Angeli / Keosz / Brode & Weston / Laura Schuler / Cleaver, Lopez & Hprizm / Lia Kohl

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Paolo Angeli – RADE (2022)
Keosz – Neven (OST) (2023)
Lucas Brode & Grant Calvin Weston – Imagination/Meditation (2023)
Laura Schuler Quartet – Sueños Paralelos (2023)
Cleaver / Lopez / Hprizm – In the Wilderness (2023)
Lia Kohl – The Ceiling Reposes (2023)