Spool’s Out: Cassette Reviews For April

Source: The Quietus.

Solo trumpet doom, flamenco free jazz, and new ways of playing the room. Daryl Worthington finds thrilling experiments going down in the tape world this month.

Tasting Menu – Stand Closer When You Have Something To Say

Neo Geodesia – 2562 Neon Flames

More Eaze – Yearn

Ayami Suzuki & Leo Okagawa – Undercurrent/Wanderlust

Sharkula x Mukqs – Take Caution On The Beach

Marco Serrato/Raúl Cantizano – Tiento madera

Espen Lund – ÆTONAL

Müriscia Divinorum/Pablo Picco/Aphra Cadabra – Electronic Neorruralism Music in Viarava & Charava

Whettman Chelmets – For…

Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens – Miraculous Seepage

Three New Releases From Cyclic Law

Source: Cyclic Law.

BECKAHESTEN “Tydor” CD/LP (156th Cycle)
Second full length album from one of Sweden’s most singular sonic entity. Featuring guest appearances by Kai Uwe Faust of Heilung, Lars-Magnar and Anders Hovland, the music of Beckahesten emerges from a borderland where ambient, folk music and ritual converge. Recorded in various natural locations in Norway and Sweden, nature spirits have infused themselves in these recordings…Dancing with vague entities in a blackened cinder field, followers of dread that has woken, hypnotised one is drawn deeper into their realm. The trees moulder around and offer little protection. Haunting voices keep echoing in the dusk. Lost and trapped you lay down, shivering in the dew. You are their offering, sinking into the mire.

PETER BJÄRGÖ “The Translucency of Mind’s Decay” CD/LP (187th Cycle)
Written and recorded during 2020, a year marked by forced quarantine with in turn proved to be a prolific time for musical composition. It is an album about change, aging and the fading memories one has, often more of a product of the current state of a person than an accurate description of those remembered moments. With age we tend to forget or lose contact with particular moments and parts of our own story and context become erased forever, as though they never happened. With this album, Peter Bjärgö takes the first steps into something new, bringing along his signature sound from past projects into a slowly evolving transition to a sonic world beyond his previous achievements. Leaning towards a more ethnic, rhythmic sound, integrated with his now trademark melancholic guitar work and deep solemn vocals, these are the first steps to a new horizon he’s ceaselessly crafting for our listening pleasure.

NATURA EST “Real Seasons” CD (162nd Cycle)
British Electronic producer Tony Young (Autoclav1.1) and German Industrial/Noise powerhouse Andreas Davids (Xotox) present their 3rd album after the self-titled, monolithic debut in 2018 (Ant-Zen) followed with the all-engulfing “Second” in 2019 (Mahorka). 2021 continues the story with ‘Real Seasons’. Six tracks of brooding ritualistic Ambient that taps into the “old ways”; a time in which nature and the cycles of the Earth was to be worshipped and revered. The world as we know it is going through an extinction event crisis, the magnitude of which we have never seen before. Flash storms destroy homes and villages across the world, whilst bush fires rage across population centers without mercy for the lives they take in their path. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are regularly making an appearance in some corners of the globe, all in one day. Time, truly is running out. The clock is ticking. REAL SEASONS holds an aural mirror up to a thought process and belief system, that regardless of doctrine; tells a story of a simpler time, where harvests and unspoken Gods ultimately promoted balance between all life on the planet. Centuries later, we have now overstepped the mark. Nature is all, all is nature; but who really is the beast?

AMN Reviews: Paolo Ielasi ‎– Why Are You Talking So Loud? (Sublime Retreat)

A source of energy is required in order to levitate and, braiding tight his synthesized drones, Paolo Ielasi achieves this feat splendidly. The younger brother of Giuseppe (a talented musician and technician, nowadays known most for site-specific works), this is Ielasi’s third physical edition after two privately-released compact discs. It proves him deft at fulfilling his mission statement, engineering the “interaction between field recordings and analog machines.”

Why Are You Talking So Loud? opens with trembling soap-opera organ underscoring buzzing dragonfly forays. After hanging long in tensed suspension, subsequent tracks take a relaxed, pleasantly meandering path, before the fifth of six untitled, unnumbered pieces urges the listener to activate and hear what is happening beyond; far behind the upfront turbine thrum – far, like in another neighborhood far – a saxophone sweetly, passionately plays. And soon, even more happens.

Ielasi’s process of restrained synthesis is rich in character and rewards repeated listenings. This is a durable album, crafted with skill. Into the pleasing gatefold packaging by fledgling Polish label Sublime Retreat has been inserted an accordioned booklet featuring some fine black and white photography, mostly taken by the artist himself.

Stephen Fruitman

New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.

灰野敬二Keiji Haino : vo, harmonica 川口雅巳Masami Kawaguchi : g なるけしんごShingo Naruke : b 片野利彦Toshihiko Katano : ds

After countless unforgettable performance at OTO over the years, Glasgow-based musical polymath Richard Youngs shares with us absorbing new work: “It has the trajectory of an imaginary Oto performance: I start all-guns-blazing. Five minutes in, and I can’t maintain the energy, but want to push the sense of excitement. Ten minutes and things begin to fall apart. Onward. Equipment is failing. Time to bring it right down, and stretch out… Near the close I walk away, leave the machines running. And when they stop, there’s a slight nervousness. Is that it?” – Richard Youngs

Evie Ward / writing, voice Amy Dickson / lighting, camera Zara Joan Miller / camera, camera direction Florence Peake / movement, ceramics
CEREBELLUM is a series for learning through exploration and experimentation in movement and sound where all bodies are welcome. The series is programmed collaboratively by Zara Joan Miller and Evie Ward.


Alvin Lucier’s 90th Birthday Celebration 

Source: ISSUE Project Room.

Beginning Wednesday, May 13th, 8pm EST and continuing throughout all of Thursday, May 14th, ISSUE presents a streamed program celebrating the occasion of revolutionary American composer Alvin Lucier’s 90th birthday. Spanning nearly 30 hours, the program features 90 artists staging their own performances of Lucier’s paradigmatic 1969 work I am sitting in a room, a piece taking on new connotations within the global conditions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A letter to the artist from his peers, friends, and artists inspired by work, ISSUE is proud to celebrate Alvin, his legacy, and ongoing influence in experimental music.

Musique Machine Reviews

Source: Musique Machine.

John Tilbury & Bertrand Gauguet – CONTRE-COURBES

Marta Forsberg – TKAĆ

Il Segno del Comando – The Sign of Command

Jon Anderson – Olias Of Sunhillow

Christopher Schiller & Tomás Cabado – Unconscious Collections

Placenta Lyposuction & Graveyard Aura – Necropolis

Chier / Drops From A Liquid Corpse – Split

Vomir – Blowderization

Carla Bley Interviewed

Source: The Quietus.

Carla Bley is arguably the greatest living jazz composer; John Doran talks to the woman fellow musicians have nicknamed ‘Countess Bleysie’ and ‘Bleythoven’ about foundational free jazz sessions, the magic of The Liberation Music Orchestra and her epic jazz opera, Escalator Over The Hill.