Free Music

Everyone likes free music.  Today, there is so much free music available that it has become hard to keep track of what it is and where you can find it.  Below is a list of album-length, free releases.  These releases are ones that we’ve featured here on AMN at one point or another, and we heartily recommend each and every one of them.

Some of these sources (such as Bandcamp) may only let you stream each track a limited number of times. But hey, you should be paying for the recording if you want to listen more than that.

Please note: We only link to legal offerings authorized by the artist or copyright holder. Thus, we will not link to unauthorized or bootleg sources.


Anna Webber / Elias Stemeseder / Devin Gray – Jagged Spheres II


Naima – Bye
Dan Weiss – Sixteen: Drummers Suite
Mats Gustafsson – This is From the Mouth
Sandy Ewen / Rebecca Novak / Carol Sandin Cooley – Garden Medium
Jockel Liess – Fluid Variations
Devin Gray – Devin Gray’s Fashionable Pop Music
Reid Karris – Oscines et Ensifera
Thumbscrew – Convallaria
Perhaps Contraption – Mud Belief
Bent Knee – Say So
Nathan Hubbard/Skeleton Key Orchestra – Furiously Dreaming
The Claudia Quintet – Super Petite
Daniel Rosenboom – Book of Storms
Weston/Saxon Groove Assembly – Acceleration
Vaults of Zin – Kadath
Mats Gustafsson – This is From the Mouth
Anthony Braxton – 3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011
Battle Trance – Blade of Love
dMu – Synaptic Self
Irene Kepl – Get Weaving!
Cecilia López / Amanda Irarrazabal / Cecilia Quinteros – La Corporación
Jack ‘O The Clock – Repetitions of the Old City – I
Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio – Desire and Freedom
TOC & The Compulsive Brass – Air Bump
Luong Hue Trinh – Illusions
Nate Wooley – Argonautica
Marco Colonna & Agusti Fernandez – Birth of Shapes
Anna Webber’s Simple Trio – Binary
Mary Halvorson Octet – Away With You
Tellef Øgrim – Solos for Guitars
Mondo Flockard – Spirals
Fond of Tigers – Uninhabit
The Tri-Centric Orchestra – Music of Blake, Bynum & Laubrock: Agora, Questions of Transfiguration, Vogelfrei
Shrine – Ordeal 26 . 04 . 86
Barchan – Soliton
dB/Mz – The Light To Come
Instinct Primal – Dazzling Darkness
Richard Pinhas & Barry Cleveland (feat. Michael Manring & Celso Alberti) – Mu
Giorgio Distante, Jack D’Amico & Walter Forestiere – Aphasia
Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami Akita [Merzbow] – Process and Reality
François Couture – Spam Me (simulacres de chansons / simulacra of songs)
Suzuki Junzo – If I Die Before I Wake
Massimo Discepoli / Daniel Barbiero – An Eclipse Of Images
Happy Place – Northfield

Akpatok – Two Winters, Two Springs
Logan Hone’s Similar Fashion – Logan Hone’s Similar Fashion
Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel – DfTaLS with Helton and Bragg
Lone Echo (Devin Sarno) – Lone Echo (EP)
Jack O’ The Clock – Outsider Songs
Sound Awakener – September Traveler
Rob Mazurek – Alternate Moon Cycles
Anna Clock – Celestial
Gush – The March
Ligeia Mare – Amplifier
The Bridge Sessions – Sonic Communication
Fire Maidens from Outer Space – Suddenly Alien

Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – When The World Was One
Ensemble Super Moderne – Ensemble Super Moderne
Monocube – Blue Dusk / / / Red Dawn
Hamir Atwal and Ben Goldberg – Clarinet and Drums
U SCO – Treffpunkt
Combat Astronomy – Time Distort Nine
Steve Roach – Bloodmoon Rising
Colossloth – Anchored By Lungs
Bord à Bord – Bord à Bord
Bryan Counter & Satchel Forrester – Twice Stopped
Dirk Serries – The Origin Reversal
Matt Ulery – In the Ivory
Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara – Through Foundation
Chemical Clock – Bad Habitat
Lucas Brode – Prixvyou
Battle Trance – Palace of Wind
Jack ‘o the Clock – Night Loops
Stuart Chalmers – Imaginary Musicks Vol . 1
Ryan McGuire – Civilian
Chris Lynn & Daniel Barbiero – Augmented Landscapes

Brian Settles – Folk
Andrew McKenna Lee – The Knells
Withering of Light – Through the nightlands unto the gates of dawn
Northumbria – All Days Begin as Night
Combat Astronomy – Kundalini Apocalypse
William Hooker – Heart of the Sun

Particle Being Trio – Post Terrestrial Vol. 1 (2012)
The Whammies – The Music of Steve Lacy
9Volt (Parker / Maoz / Halevy / Berne) – Open Circuit
XYQuartet – Idea F
Err0r_500 – Paths that lead to Nowhere
Daren Burns – Fear Is Not The Natural State Of Civilized People
Gannets – Transmissions of Not
Outhouse & Hilmar Jensson – Straw, Sticks + Bricks
PRCHR PRCHR – Familiar Music 1
Satisfacción Lab – Synthscape

Nat Birchall – Sacred Dimension
Agogic – Agogic
Unexpect – Fables of the Sleepless Empire
Hum of Gnats – Purge The Weevil From Yer Midst
Zloty Dawai – Torso Apart
William Bowers – Soundtracks #2
Little Worlds – Book One
Reptet – At the Cabin
Swimmer – Swimmer
Cory Smythe – Pluripotent
The Research Institute – TRI Sessions – Part One
Les Rhinoceros – Les Rhinoceros

Microkingdom – 3 Compositions of No Jazz
Wukir – Yehezkiel
Makunouchi Bento – Swimé
Perhaps Contraption – Sludge & Tripe
Heinali and Matt Finney – Conjoined
Mystic Morrison Visions – Fuzzy set

Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic – Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic
The Research Institute – Music from the North German Wastelands

Cuong VuIt’s Mostly Residual

Elin – One Winter’s Night

Jeff Kaiser13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic