AccuJazz Previews the Chicago Jazz Festival

The Chicago Reader has the scoop:

This year AccuJazz, which is programmed by local jazz drummer Lucas Gillan, is being clearer about what it’s doing. Under the auspices of it’s created Radio, which includes a special channel for the Chicago Jazz Festival. The channel consists of more than 400 songs, all of them by artists performing at the fest and some by the exact combos that are coming to town. Though I suppose getting a big heap of music, arranged without regard to subgenre or quality, has its merits—you can end up hearing some worthwhile material you wouldn’t have thought to seek out yourself—listening to it can be a tiring experience. It helps that Internet radio stations like AccuJazz, unlike their conventional counterparts, let you skip to the next track when you’ve had enough of something.

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American drummer Jim Black, performing with th...
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July 30, 2009
The BBC, The Stone
Tim Berne, Jim Black, Nels Cline

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2009 So Far

As opposed to our picks of the week post, the data below was gathered from logs at I’ve culled through them to determine the albums released so far in 2009 that have garnered the most listens. Thus, this list is fairly representative of not just what is appreciated here at AMN Central, but also what we keep listening to. I’m somewhat surprised by the results, as a lot of releases that I liked quite a bit at first blush have received relatively few listens. Need to work on that…

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society – Infernal Machines
Henry Cow – Vol. 1: Beginnings
Nels Cline – Coward
Univers Zero – Relaps: Archives 1984-1986
Quartet Offensive – Carnivore
John Zorn – Filmworks XXII The Last Supper
John Hébert – Byzantine Monkey
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – Winterwood
Land Of Kush – Against the Day
Maurizo Bianchi – A M.B. Lehn Tale
Michaël Attias – Credo
James Blackshaw – The Glass Bead Game
Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone – Thin Air
Gerald Cleaver, William Parker, Craig Taborn – Farmers by Nature
Kayo Dot – Blue Lambency Downward
Alex Cline – Continuation

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Taylor Ho Bynum/Tomas Fujiwara Duo Live on WFMU

From Improvised Communications, a recording of this live duo performance is available on WFMU’s site.

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Dusted Reviews

Image of Nate Wooley from Facebook
Image of Nate Wooley

From Dusted:

Artist: Nate Wooley / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Jason Roebke
Album: Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing
Label: Porter
Review date: Mar. 26, 2009

Artist: Flower-Corsano Duo
Album: The Four Aims
Label: VHF
Review date: Mar. 26, 2009

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