Two New Releases From Ethan T. Parcell

Source: Harvest Research:

Frank’s Easy Chair: an eerie and hypnotizing new release from multi-faceted composer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan T. Parcell. Entirely culled from various recordings of Frank Sinatra singing a single line from “It Never Entered My Mind” – “uneasy in my easy chair”. A spiritual sequel to 2018’s Judy Garland Religious Experience, Parcell shows a keen posture toward dismantling and reflecting on American pop culture demigods, and creating a psychedelic and obsessive piece of tape-music out of crumbs of material.


My Little Pet Hen (Eight Clarinet Solos): a bold and fascinating release from multi-faceted composer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan T. Parcell. Energetic and forceful improvisations mixed in with wobbly balladry, and folksy hypnotic meditations on Bb and G clarinet. Parcell shows a unique patience and conception of solo reed playing, equal parts nakedly old-fashioned and daringly inventive.


Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Source: Downtown Music Gallery.

This is the section where I usually recommend upcoming concerts in the NYC area. As far as I can tell there are no upcoming shows anywhere around here, except perhaps on-line. All places I usually frequent are now closed for the foreseeable future. And everyone is worried about the near future, their health and their sanity for their friends and family. I am trying to come up with something inspirational to put out there but I am also very worried about myself, the store, all of the creative musicians that we need and support, as well as everyone else who has lost their jobs.

I have been at home at my old apartment in New Jersey, cleaning, reorganizing my collection, finding lots of doubles, listening to dozens of records, CD’s,cassettes and DVD’s. And working on my ongoing series of discographies and assorted music lists.

Over the past week or so a number of musicians have been putting up some music on-line for anyone to check out. I know that many of us are going a bit stir crazy so it is time to do some soul searching and serious listening. Here is a list of some music links to check out:

From Ingrid Laubrock:

From Henry Kaiser:
Outdoor Festival in Toronto, June 1971
Tisziji Muñoz featuring Lenny Breau on guitar
Lenny’s solo opens the piece, Tisziji’s solo closes the piece.
Bernie Senensky, piano, Michael Malone, trumpet
Michel Donato, bass & Clayton Johnson, drums


My good friend, JESSICA HALLOCK, has a great website called NYC-Noise, which has hundreds of links for all sorts of different musicians, many local, some not. She recently set up a large Bandcamp Roundup for those of you who want to support local creative musicians: here is the website address: It is exhausting just checking out her list of musicians, many I know of and some I don’t. Now that we all have some time on our hands, this is a great way to check out some new creative musicians.

New Zeromoon and Related Releases

Source: Zeromoon.

This random rhythm of notes and sounds by Viv Corringham
Since the late 1970s Viv Corringham has been singing a wide range of music: free improvisation, Greek Rembetika, Turkish folk and spontaneously created songs that often include field recordings. Walking has long been an essential part of her work. She leads group soundwalks and listening workshops based on her studying and working with Pauline Oliveros. On solo walks she improvises with environmental sounds, and in her ongoing series Shadow-walks she responds to the memory of walks that individuals chose as special for them. Her work has been presented in twenty six countries in venues including Hong Kong Arts Centre, Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico, Issue Project Room New York, Onassis Centre Athens, ICA London, Serralves Museum Portugal, Ohrenhoch Berlin, Arts University Taiwan, Shantou University China and Tempo Reale Florence. This work by Viv features improvisations for voice, voice processing with iPad apps and guitar pedals, and field recordings.

Viral Dances by Jeff Surak
The soundtrack for interesting times. Generated by electronics, guitar, prepared autoharp, zither, and tapes, unaided by digital tools. Composed March 2020.

by Bonnie Jones + Jeff Surak
A remarkable document of two musicians in their prime, Gymnastics is a split release from Baltimore based sound artist Bonnie Jones and veteran DC experimenter Jeff Surak, published by the Brooklyn, New York label Rat Route on cassette and digital download. Bonnie Jones is a Korean-American improvising musician, poet, and educator. Her work is committed to an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates text, sculpture, and video, but grounds itself in an improvised electronic noise and sound practice. Her side of Gymnastics documents a thrilling live performance recorded in Richmond, Virginia in 2017. Processed recordings collide interface with hacked delay pedals, carefully audio mixed with nuance and precision. Jeff Surak started his journey through sonic experimentation in the 80s, amassing a considerable discography of revered releases under myriad names and collaborations. Currently Surak performs under his own name, operating in the netherworld between composed and improvised music, moving between musique concrete, drone, noise, & free improvisation using whatever sound implements at hand. His side of Gymnastics features two distinct tracks composed with electronics, prepared autoharp, and tape sources.