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First up. This coming Wednesday, May 12 at 8pm will be a first time duo performance with Tom Rainey and myself with a live audience (limited) and live stream at Roulette Performance Space. I’ve always liked Tom’s playing and I am looking forward to this meeting and being in front of a live audience at this great venue.
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On Tuesday, May 25 at 6pm I will be performing in Craig Harris’ “Breathe” at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. For info, click here:

On Thursday, July 22 Dave Sewelson’s terrific group Music For a Free World will perform at this year’s Vision Festival. On bass, the great William Parker and on drums, the legendary Marvin “Bugalu” Smith. This performance will take place at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.

Also please check out this new recording of Andrea Centazzo, Anthony Coleman and myself made at WKCR.

New Releases From The Tapeworm 

Source: The Tapeworm.

Nigel Wrench is an award-winning journalist whose career began in South Africa under apartheid. He is the winner of a Sony Award for “Out This Week”, BBC Radio’s first national lesbian and gay news program, and a New York Radio Award for BBC Radio 4’s “Aids and Me”, chronicling his experience of living with HIV. ZA87 is the follow-up to Wrench’s acclaimed first cassette on The Tapeworm, ZA86, “a remarkable documentation of South Africa under apartheid in 1986” (Boomkat), “chilling and at times stunningly beautiful” (The Quietus), “stylistically not dissimilar to Adam Curtis’s 2015 documentary Bitter Lake, its hypnagogic float through the rushes feels curiously vivid, free of the dating or distancing effect further media packaging might bring” (The Wire).

Patrick Shiroishi is a Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Los Angeles who is perhaps best known for his extensive and incredibly intense work with the saxophone. Over the last decade, he has established himself as one of the premier improvising musicians in Los Angeles, playing solo and in numerous collaborative projects including Upsilon Acrox, Corima, Oort Smog as well as improvising ensembles Danketsu 10 and Borasisi. Shiroishi may well be considered a foundational player in the city’s vast musical expanse. Zachary Paul is a violinist and composer currently located in New York. His work explores the boundaries of perception, the invocation of trance states, and the juxtaposition of stasis and movement. Zachary has released solo work on Touch and Preserved Sound, and has performed with the Sonic Open Orchestra and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn. He is also a regular member of the band Nadoyel and a frequent improviser in a variety of musical idioms. These recordings capture a meeting between Patrick and Zachary, a few days before Zachary left Los Angeles and embarked across the country. The sounds of Garfield Park echoed while the San Gabriel mountains burned, and Patrick and Zachary intoned a prayer for our shared futures.

HOWLROUND – Worm Food Delivery
Both tracks produced by Robin The Fog at The Sticky Shed, Penge during lockdown 2020. Side A features a recording of a wine glass. Side B is created entirely from closed input sounds of the tape machines themselves. One take, no edits, no overdubs, no artificial FX.

SONS OF GOD, THE Electric Fauna Cassette
Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred, September 3, 1999, Fylkingen, Stockholm — a small chamber play where The Sons put the small animals on pasture and let them live their own lives, but under strict supervision and with a fixed eye so that no accidents may happen, so that no one is injured, so that no one is ill-informed, or how it might be if not everything is organized and supervised in a well-structured society. You can’t just let things be without direction, then there would be nothing at all (or death!!!). No, The Sons give a taste of a well-balanced diet in this presentation, which is expected to take four hours, which will be beautiful and moist and will be able to give a much-needed sense of well-being in these difficult times. Maybe we need another clarification: The animals, here at the service of The Sons, give away their little sounds, The Sons, however, direct them with firm hands (and sometimes a little with force) to follow their wishes. The Sons simply get the cute little fellows to produce sound and together form a musical structure that is not of this world. We’ll see how it goes.

New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.

Tori has kindly shared with us the lyrics to Track 1 below, both in English and Japanese.
Practice! Performance
Biopolitical meetings of
Flowers and spring breeze
The flag is about to fall on the base of the ridge
Grabbed a bunch of hair
Pass between heaven and earth
Shown another artificial meat
A pillar that stirs jealousy
You can’t stand on the foundation of *Waka
The design is endless, so run, the truth
Get off at Mt. Shoji using the elevator inside
Decide whether to climb in pairs or not
Don’t show off if you crush the viper
Get off the elevator inside

Julia Eckhardt is a musician and curator in the field of the sonic arts. She is a founding member and artistic director of Q-O2 workspace in Brussels, for which she conceptualized various thematic research projects. As a performer of composed and improvised music she has collaborated with numerous artists, and extensively with Eliane Radigue. She has performed internationally, and released a number of recordings. She has been lecturing about topics such as sound, gender and public space, and is (co-)author of The Second Sound, conversation on gender and music, Grounds for Possible Music, The Middle Matter – sound as interstice, and Éliane Radigue – Intermediary Spaces/Espaces intermédiaires.

New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.

The sounds produced by the pianos are free of standard tonal ranges. The notes seem to cry out without hierarchy or fixed focus. With no comforting familiar framework to provide a foothold, the music throbs through large, weary wooden bodies. The pianos growl, roar, purr, squeak, and whistle. Their song resonates the relationships between them. They shift in and out in a futile effort to reach some impossible middle ground. The song has no major or minor but rather embodies their infinite search for a point of equilibrium. In this universe of beats, Five Chilling Mammoth sreminds us that sound is the movement of matter, be it string, wood, flesh, or air.

“I had never tried recording myself before, but since the dreaded youknowwhat I’ve been stuck at home, like most people. There’s been some music zoomups with colleagues in various parts of the world which I’ve really loved, practicing the trumpet, some far out voice improvising with my grandchildren to keep my chops bouncing, walking our dog Molly, an occasional puff now and again and a glass of vino or two, but no travel and singing in front of people like there has been for the last sixty or so years.

TUM Records Celebrates Wadada Leo Smith’s 80th Birthday with a Bunch of Releases

Source: TUM Records.

Iconic composer/trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith’s year-long celebration of his 80th birthday includes the release of numerous box sets on TUM, two world premieres, inclusion in a film and concerts and residencies at Harvard, The New School, Other Minds Festival and more.

Sacred Ceremonies – 3 CD Box Set – May 21, 2021
Disc 1: Wadada Leo Smith & Milford Graves
Disc 2: Wadada Leo Smith & Bill Laswell
Disc 3: Wadada Leo Smith, Bill Laswell & Milford Graves

Trumpet – 3 CD Box Set – May 21, 2021
Featuring 14 new compositions for solo trumpet including four extended works

Other TUM albums coming out in the near future include:

Title TBA – 2 CD Set – Great Lakes Quartet – release date TBA
Featuring Wadada Leo Smith, Henry Threadgill, Jack DeJohnette, John Lindberg

Title TBA – 4 CD set of trumpet & drum duets – release date TBA
Featuring Wadada with Jack DeJohnette, Andrew Cyrille, Han Bennink, Pheeroan akLaff

Title TBA – 6 CD set featuring Smith’s 12 String Quartets – release date TBA

Frank Zappa’s Final American Show To Be Released For the First Time 


On June 18, Zappa’s historic, final American show will be released for the first time as the new live album, Zappa ’88: The Last U.S. Show via Zappa Records/UMe. The first posthumous archival release from the ‘88 touring band, the album features 29 unreleased performances including two additional performances from the same tour: Zappa’s wild interpretations of the Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post” from the March 16 show in Providence, R.I. and Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” from the March 23 Towson, Md. show. The record is also notable for containing the first official release of the much talked about “The Beatles Medley.”