Orenda Records 2020 Releases Overview

Source: Orenda Records.

2020 has been packed with new albums from Orenda Records artists. Here’s a super brief introduction to each – click the title for more:

Snow Nerds // Midnight Masquerade
Midnight Masquerade is the newest album from experimental rock group Snow Nerds. This album is defined by its enticing beats, unique instrumentals, and charming absurdity. Stylistically it occupies an intriguing space between jazz, funk, and post-punk; a space in which dance music can live along side experimental improvisation.

Cathlene Pineda // Rainbow Baby
Rainbow Baby, the third and most personal recording as a leader by jazz pianist and composer Cathlene Pineda, is an impressionist rendering of four years of motherhood, pregnancy, loss, and, ultimately, love. It is a personal tale with a universal theme.

Caleb Dolister // Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering
Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering is an astonishing album, an instrumental wonder whose creation spanned more than ten years, thousands of miles, a galaxy of musical genres, and a small army of rock, classical and jazz musicians across the USA. Its creator, American composer and drummer Caleb Dolister, imagined a through-composed statement of groove-driven rock and beyond-genre music constructed with electric and acoustic instruments.

Believers – Brad Shepik, Sam Minaie, John Hadfield // Believers
Believers is a world-influenced jazz/fusion trio that brings together three musicians who have spent years performing music on the borders of jazz, fusion and world music. Their collective compositions are influenced by diverse musical traditions such as Balkan music, South Indian Carnatic music, and North and West African folk music.

BoorBaar // Swong
BoorBaar is a remarkable percussion trio featuring Cory Beers (Falsetto Teeth, Cory Beers Cimbalom Band), John Wash IV (Cetus), and Mike Robbins (Eighteen Squared). Circling a formidable combined percussion setup, they perform epic, memorized compositions that draw inspiration from a wide range of influences, from minimalism to metal to percussive traditions from cultures all over the globe.

Matt Mayhall & Dan Rosenboom // Language
“The duo of Matt Mayhall and Dan Rosenboom is not your typical drum ‘n’ trumpet duo but perhaps there’s not much typical about such a combination, anyway. With lengthy reputations for applying virtuosity to cutting edge jazz, improvised music and rock, the two also bring a unique telepathy to a project that’s built up over the last thirteen years.”
–S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

Pedja Milutinovic Drumbooty // Veritas Vincit
“Pedja Milutinovic is a uniquely skilled, ultra-creative drummer whose playing is full of musical surprises! On his noteworthy debut release Milutinovic combines compositions featuring ensemble interaction/improvisation with simpler, groove oriented tunes, thus creating a balanced mix that is well paced and sonically pleasing.”
–Marko Djordjevic, drummer and associated professor at Berklee College of Music

Logan Kane Nonet // Nope,science
Logan Kane, a rising-star bassist and composer in Los Angeles’s thriving jazz scene, releases the debut album of his dynamic nonet, Nope,science on Orenda Records, featuring free jazz heavyweights, David Binney, Dan Rosenboom and Katisse Buckingham alongside with staggering new talent. As a composer, he draws heavily off his jazz and classical chops, but casts a wide atmospheric, alternative shadow with elements of math rock and contemporary classical.

Jon Hatamiya // More Than Anything
Trombonist and composer Jon Hatamiya’s exciting and heart-felt debut More Than Anything reflects on grief, loss, and love, while exploring a broad sonic palate provided by his band of young firebrand musicians. A rising star in the vibrant Los Angeles jazz community, Hatamiya steps to the fore with an epic collection of progressive jazz compositions and delivers a statement full of both virtuosity and emotional depth.

Dan Rosenboom // Absurd in the Anthropocene
“Absurd In The Anthropocene is a joyous, surrealist triumph.”
–Alun Hamnett, Record Collector
“…a fire hose of electronic fusion, heavy on synth and pyrotechnic horn solos, with complex charts and extremely hard-driving, almost rock rhythms… the whole record is great.”
–Phil Freeman, Stereogum

Upcoming Releases:
Even though 2020 has provided challenges for artists everywhere, we’ve still got some amazing new releases coming your way in the coming months…

– Dan Rosenboom // Points on an Infinite Line (August)
– Jon Armstrong Sextet // Reabsorb (Fall)

Sisters with Transistors Film

Source: Sisters with Transistors.

SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS is the remarkable untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers, composers who embraced machines and their liberating technologies to utterly transform how we produce and listen to music today. The film maps a new history of electronic music through the visionary women whose radical experimentations with machines redefined the boundaries of music, including Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Bebe Barron, Pauline Oliveros, Delia Derbyshire, Maryanne Amacher, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani, and Laurie Spiegel. The history of women has been a history of silence. Music is no exception.

June 2020 New York City Jazz Record is Out

Source: The New York City Jazz Record. And with a great set of articles.

Interview: JOE MORRIS
Joe Morris is a composer/improviser who plays guitar, double bass, mandolin, banjo, banjouke, electric bass and drums. He is also a recording artist, educator, producer, concert curator and author. DownBeat magazine called him “the preeminent free music guitarist of his generation”.

The man formerly known as the jazz drummer Bob Moses, active since the ’60s and on albums by everyone from Gary Burton to Henry Kaiser, is now Ra Kalam. The new name was bestowed upon him by Bhapuji Tisziji Muñoz, a spiritual guide to many musicians and also a killer guitarist.

Record Label Spotlight: MORE IS MORE
It’s not an exaggeration to say that trumpeter Peter Evans is one of those rare musicians identifiable after a single note. He’s one of a select cohort who has taken his instrument to levels undreamed of by previous generations, especially in the realm of solo playing. His debut under his own leadership was a striking unaccompanied outing titled More Is More on Evan Parker’s psi imprint in 2006 and he’s also used that as the banner for his own label.

AMN Reviews: “Gran Sasso”, Matteo Liberatore (2020; BandCamp)

a2037926004_2“Gran Sasso” is Matteo Liberatore’s second solo guitar album.  It is the follow up to his excellent 2018 debut “Solos”.   Unlike “Solos” which focused on extended techniques on the acoustic guitar, “Gran Sasso” is a single extended piece for solo electric guitar using somewhat more conventional techniques. Having said that “Gran Sasso” is less of a departure from “Solos” as it is more of a glimpse into Liberatore’s musical imagination.

“Gran Sasso” is without any overdubs and other than some reverb and extensive use of the volume pedal, it is void of electronic effects. It is a very imaginative piece that has an open atmospheric quality in which Liberatore explores shape, texture, space and color. His dropped guitar tuning gives him a big open sound. Liberatore’s tone is bright and clear and has just a little bit of chime. “Gran Sasso” unfolds in unusual ways; the piece seems to continually shift from moment to moment.  But all the while Liberatore’s playing sounds both intentional and reflective giving this piece its own character.

“Gran Sasso” is a wonderful modern electric guitar record and is something I have found myself replaying over and over again. It was recorded and mixed by Matteo at his home studio and was mastered by Elliot Sharp. “Gran Sasso” appears to be a digital only release so head on over to Bandcamp and check it out.

Highly recommended!

Chris De Chiara


Valentina Goncharova’s Reel-to-Reel Electronic Recordings Released

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Valentina Goncharova’s music—recorded at home, on a modified Soviet-era reel-to-reel recorder in the late ‘80s—weathered both a house fire and a collapsed roof, but the clarity and fidelity of the tapes remained surprisingly intact. Thirty years later, the music on those tapes is finally being released to the world courtesy of a double-LP reissue from the Tallinn, Ukraine-based, archive label Shukai. Valentina Goncharova Recordings 1987-1991, Vol. 1 contains 10 of Goncharova’s eclectic electro-acoustic gems, all of which have remained largely unheard until now. Moving fluidly between improvisation, minimalism, drone, classical and experimental electronics, while employing DIY recording techniques and ideas that were decades ahead of their time, the album provides an insight into the life of one of Eastern Europe’s unsung leftfield music pioneers.

New Releases from GOD Records

Source: GOD Records.

Lepenik – ouate
…a little bit of Baroque…
…a little bit of Zwölftonmusik…
…a little bit of electronica…
…………..that’s Lepenik…………….

Klaus Lang – linea mundi. weiße farben.
Klaus Lang’s involvement with GOD Records began with already cult two-part release of his stunning organ works. Famous for his heavy droning sound, new Lang’s pieces are highly successful ensemble pieces linea mundi. and weiße farben., both premiered at the festival Wien Modern.
Heavy textures, disturbing counterparts, slow progressions, threatening dynamics…

San Francisco Tape Music Collective


A selection of fixed media works presented by the collective in recent San Francisco Tape Music Festivals.

Works by Maggi Payne, Kent Jolly, Cliff Caruthers, Matt Ingalls, Thom Blum, Kristin Miltner, and Joseph Anderson.


Freely available for streaming and download from http://sound.bandcamp.com.

The San Francisco Tape Music Collective is dedicated to presenting performances of audio art. For over 20 years they have presented The San Francisco Tape Music Festival, diffusing works from composers throughout the world in addition to their own works through a pristine immersive 24-speaker surround-sound environment, in complete darkness.   SFTMC and SFTMF are projects of sfSound.

Donations are welcome. All proceeds go to the San Francisco Tape Music Festival. (post COVID-19).  If you donate this Friday, Juneteenth, bandcamp will donate 100% of their shares to NAACP Legal Defense Fund.



Sound American 24 Launches Tomorrow

Source: Sound American.

We’ll be releasing our preorders for SA24: The Alien Issue and our 2020 subscriptions on Friday, June 19th in order to coincide with Bandcamp’s commitment to give 100% of their proceeds that day to the NAACP.

This issue is packed with new directions for SA, including our first piece of fiction and a long overdue appreciation of an American icon, Sun Ra. It features writings on Ra by John Corbett, Taylor Ho Bynum, Naima Lowe, Thomas Stanley, Luke Stewart and Ken Vandermark, as well as other new pieces by Reg Bloor, Jessie Cox, Chris Pitsiokos, Peter Margasak and Nate Wooley. The first Exquisite Corpse of 2020 is composed by Moor Mother.

The rest of the year gets even better. SA25 is guest edited by Sarah Hennies and Anna Roberts-Gevalt and explores the wiggly goodness between folk and experimental music and features exclusive writing and interviews with Peggy Seeger, Meredith Monk, Henry Flynt, Laurie Spiegel and a whole lot more.

SA26 digs deep into Eliane Radigue’s massive and unprecedented OCCAM project.