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Amazing Phonomanie IX festival in Ulrichsberg, Austria: Paul Lovens: Vermogen

December 06, 2009
Hans Reichel Solo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Hans Reichel
Meyer-Moore-Wachsmann-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Sabina Meyer, Michael Moore, Philipp Wachsmann
PaPaJo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
John Edwards, Paul Hubweber, Paul Lovens
Schlippenbach Trio, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Evan Parker, Alexander von Schlippenbach

December 05, 2009
John Russell Solo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, John Russell
Malfatti-Filip-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Klaus Filip, Paul Lovens, Radu Malfatti
Me & Paul, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Eugene Chadbourne, Paul Lovens
Wolfgang Mitterer & Paul Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Wolfgang Mitterer

December 04, 2009
Carlos Zingaro Solo, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Carlos Zingaro
Christmann-Gustafsson-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Gunter Christmann, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Lovens
Delius-Mahall-de-Joode-Gueye-Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Tobias Delius, Serigne C M Gueye, Wilbert de Joode, Paul Lovens, Rudi Mahall
Paul Lytton & Paul Lovens, Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg
Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton

December 11, 2009
Tony Malaby’s Double Heart, Cornelia Street Cafe
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Tony Malaby, Eivind Opsvik, Tyshawn Sorey

December 08, 2009
Bad Nancy, Douglass Street Music Collective
Nate Allen, Matt Meade, Kyle Olson, John Stanesco
dotMan with Josh Sinton, Douglass Street Music Collective
Onno Govaert, Viljam Nybacka, Josh Sinton, Jasper Stadhouders
Roman Stolyar Solo, Douglass Street Music Collective
Roman Stolyar

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Emanem & Psi Releases

Phil Wachsmann
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From Emanem & Psi:

Latest Emanem releases – available now:
5001 Veryan Weston ‘Allusions’ (2002) solo piano
5002 Okkyung Lee / Peter Evans / Steve Beresford ‘Check For Monsters’ (2008)
5003 Milo Fine ‘Ananke’ (2006/7)
5004 Sophie Agnel ‘Capsizing Moments’ (2008) solo piano
5005 ARC ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ (2008) Gus Garside, Sylvia Hallett & Danny Kingshill
5006 Stellari String Quartet ‘Gocce Stellari’ (2006/7)
5201 People Band ’69/70′ previously unissued
5202 Paul Rutherford ‘Tetralogy’ (1978-82) solo, trio & brass quartet previously unissued

Next Emanem release – available late October or early November:
5007 Grosse Abfahrt ‘Vanity’ (2008)
Matthieu Werchowski, David Chiesa, Theresa Wong, John Shiurba, Matt Ingalls, Tom Djll, Tim Perkis, Gino Robair

Latest psi releases – available now:
09.01 Evan Parker ‘Saxophone Solos’ (1975) reissue
09.02 Per Anders Nilsson / Sten Sandell / Raymond Strid ‘Beam Stone’ (2007)
09.03 Lawrence Casserley & Adam Linson ‘Integument’ (2007)
09.04 Agustí Fernández ‘Un llamp que no s’acaba mai’ (2007) with John Edwards & Mark Sanders
09.05/6 Peter Evans ‘Nature/Culture’ (2008) solo trumpet
09.07 Grutronic ‘Essex Foam Party’ (2006-8)
09.08 FURT ‘Sense’ (2008/9) Richard Barrett & Paul Obermayer

Next psi releases – available late October or early November:
09.09 Evan Parker ‘Whitstable Solo’ (2008)
09.10 Richard Barrett ‘Adrift’ 3 compositions 2007/8
09.11 Evan Parker ‘Set’ (2003)
with Barry Guy, Paul Lytton, Richard Barrett, Paul Obermayer, Lawrence Casserley, Walter Prati & Marco Vecchi

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AMN Picks General

AMN Picks of the Week

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended. Don’t take the categories too seriously.

Le Car de Thon – Nos Meilleurs Stockhausen (2009, modern classical)
Hasselbring / Speed / Dunn / Hollenbeck – The New Mellow Edwards (2006, jazz)
Drew Gress – The Irrational Numbers (2007, jazz)
Zeena Parkins / Ikue Mori – Phantom Orchard (2004, experimental)
Moraine – Manifest Density (2009, fusion)
Diablo Swing Orchestra – The Butcher’s Ballroom (2006, gothic metal, experimental)

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