5049 Records Podcast 93 – Michael Nicolas

Source: 5049 Records.

Cellist Michael Nicolas, without exaggeration, exists at a level of musicianship that very few people ever get to. A former student of Fred Sherry and a graduate of Julliard, he has worked extensively in the past decade with the International Contemporary Ensemble, John Zorn, Third Sound and most recently, as the cellist for Brooklyn Rider. He just released his debut solo album “Transitions” on the Sono Luminus label, and starting December 13th, he will be in residence for six nights at the Stone in New York City. For this talk, Michael and I discuss his early years as a cellist, his entry into contemporary music, and more recently, his entry into the world of free improvisation.

5049 Records Podcast 92 – C. Spencer Yeh

English: John Wiese (left) and C. Spencer Yeh ...

Source: 5049 Records.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Cincinatti, C. Spencer Yeh is a remarkable violinist, vocalist, improviser and film-maker. Since moving to New York in 2010, he’s been incredibly active in a wide variety of creative settings including collaborations with musicians like Nate Wooley & Lasse Marhaug, acting as programmer for Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater as well as being a contributing editor for BOMB Magazine. For this conversation, taped only two days before the 2016 presidential election, Spencer and I discuss his personal history, noise aesthetics, how to properly roast a chicken and record store culture.

Why Mary Halvorson Sounds Like No Other Guitarist 

English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...

Source: NPR.

When you see Mary Halvorson on stage, she doesn’t look like much of a trailblazer. She plays sitting down. She’s small, and mostly hidden behind her hollow-body guitar and glasses. But then she starts to play. And the sounds coming out of her amp are anything but conventional.

“I do like things that are unexpected,” Halvorson says. “I often don’t like music that’s predictable, so you know what’s coming next. I like to throw in things that maybe are a little less predictable.”

Gabriel Ferrandini Interview

artist-gabriel-ferrandiniSource: Burning Ambulance.

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the Portuguese avant-jazz scene knows drummer Gabriel Ferrandini‘s name. He’s a member of two excellent groups: the RED Trio with pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro and bassist Hernâni Faustino, and saxophonist Rodrigo Amado‘s Motion Trio, with cellist Miguel Mira. He’s also recorded with Japanese saxophonist Nobuyasu Furuya, Swiss noise artist D’incise, Polish trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz, and American saxophonist Jon Irabagon, among others, all while having just turned 30.

Interview with Joëlle Léandre

English: Joëlle Léandre Français : Joëlle Léandre

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

We agreed to have a Skype interview, and even though my questions were duly prepared, the grand lady of the bass has so much drive and energy that the interview does not need questions. She speaks like her music, her music is like she is: passion personified.

She lets me know that she is flattered by the attention she is getting, not only from us, but also from the record labels who bring out new material by her, from the labels who offer her a concert (today!) in a church (Eglise Saint Eustache) in Paris to celebrate her 40 years on the road, together with Mat Maneri, Maggie Nicols and Christiane Bopp. She is flattered by the long article in Le Monde, the leading – and very respectable – French newspaper.

Interview with Bent Knee

Source: DMME.net.

New music rarely can surprise today but, once in a while, artists emerge whose works are as accessible as they’re intellectual, and it doesn’t take any effort to be charmed and mesmerized by such creators. Boston’s BENT KNEE belong to this category: unlike many of their perceivably alternative peers, the sextet’s exploration of ethereal and noisy extremes isn’t “for the sake of it” kind of exercise, just because the result feels so organic – never more so, perhaps, than on the band’s latest album, their third full-length studio offering.