5049 Records Podcast Episode 196 – Mariel Roberts 

Source: 5049 Records.

Mariel Roberts is a cellist who in recent years has become an essential participant in the international contemporary musical community. Born and raised in Denver CO, she studied at the Manhattan School of Music and leads an incredibly colorful career as a first call interpreter of works by today’s most vital composers. She has worked with virtually every ensemble in NYC and continues to push boundaries with a series of solo recordings that push the language of the cello to the edge of insanity. Mariel is a gem and a great conversationalist.

5049 Records Podcast Episode 195 – Marcia Bassett 

Source: 5049 Records.

For the past two decades multi-instrumentalist Marcia Bassett has been at the forefront of the underground noise and improv scene. Since her early days with the band Un she has amassed a prolific output with her bands Hototogisu, GHQ, and Double Leopards as well as collaborations with Samara Lubelski, Barry Weisblat and Andrew Lafkas. Under the name Zaïmph, her long-running solo project, she has just released the gorgeous and ambitious double LP “Rhizomatic Gaz” on Drawing Room Records. Marcia is a true underground hero and is a pleasure to speak with.

Marty Ehrlich Interview

Source: Downbeat.

Multi-woodwindist-composer Marty Ehrlich recorded his 26th leader date, Trio Exaltation (Clean Feed), last year in Lisbon with bassist John Hébert and drummer Nasheet Waits, a working unit for several years. Throughout the 10-piece recital, comprising nine Ehrlich originals and a stirring interpretation of Andrew Hill’s “Dusk,” the members apply their virtuosic skills toward triological flow with a melodic orientation, sustaining equipoise between compositional and improvisational imperatives. Not least among the recording’s pleasures is its intense sonic presence—Waits’ sound-painting on each component of his drumkit is captured in full clarity, as is Hébert’s uncanny ability to thrust and parry in any environment. It’s sure to be on this writer’s top-ten list for 2018.

5049 Records Podcast Episode 194 – Weasel Walter 

Source: 5049 Records.

Drummer/multi-instrumentalist Weasel Walter is an intense and formidable figure in the world of underground music. Active since 1991, he has been touring and recording non-stop, amassing a staggering discography along the way. His long list of collaborators include Damon Smith, Henry Kaiser, Lydia Lunch, Marc Edwards and many many more. Next month Weasel is releasing the first record by his band the Flying Luttenbachers in many years, before taking the new lineup to Europe. Since starting this podcast in 2013, I have received more requests to have Weasel on than any other artist. Here we are.