Marilyn Crispell Interview

Source: Greenleaf Music.

Pianist and composer Marilyn Crispell joins Dave Douglas to discuss her music, collaborations, composition and her life as a self-described “traveling bum.” This brilliant musician describes her own personal and spiritual transformation upon hearing John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. And goes on to talk about her education and her work with Anthony Braxton, Reggie Workman, Barry Guy and many others. Includes music from many of her recent collaborations with musicians as diverse as Gunhild Seim and David Rothenberg, Tanya Kalmonovitch, Harvey Sorgen and Joe Fonda, Raymond MacDonald, and Tsiji Muñoz.


Interpretations Podcast No. 2: Thurman Barker 

Source: Interpretations.

Interpretations continues our new series of audio interviews with artists who are performing on the series! Our latest guest is percussionist, composer, and educator Thurman Barker, who is presenting the world premiere of South Side Suite at Roulette on October 18, 2018.

5049 Records Podcast Episode 180 – Stuart Bogie 

Source: 5049 Records.

Stuart Bogie is a hell of a guy and a damn fine saxophonist. Incredibly active in the Brooklyn scene, he has been a member of Antibalas since 2001 and was the featured soloist in the Bill T. Jones Broadway production of Fela!. He’s recorded extensively with bands the Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine, TV on the Radio and many many more. He leads the band Superhuman Happiness, who release their new album “Beacon” this Friday, 10/19, on Yeggs Records. This is a great talk with a great dude.

Bobby Previte Interview

Source: The Millbrook Independent.

Composer, drummer, and bandleader Bobby Previte has over the past thirty years and at least twice as many recordings become famous for his pieces for disparate instruments, as well as his improvisational skills, and impassioned drumming. He will be bringing his talented ensemble to perform for one night only at the newly renovated Hudson Hall in Hudson.

Interpretations Podcast No. 1: Andrew Lamb 

Source: Interpretations.

Interpretations begins a new series of audio interviews with artists who are performing on the series! Our first guest is saxophonist Andrew Lamb, who will be bringing his group the Circadian Spheres of Light Project to our next concert at Roulette on October 18, 2018! Please enjoy this latest addition to our efforts to spread the word about creative music!

5049 Records Podcast Episode 179 – Matthew Shipp Part II 

Source: 5049 Records.

Back in 2013, shortly after the podcast began, Matthew Shipp came by for what became the most talked about episode in the whole series, and now he’s back. Having gotten the biographical information covered in our first talk, today’s episode is me and Matt chewing the fat. One of the most prolific and engaging personalities in contemporary jazz, Matt brought along some great stories for our second sit down.