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A Whole Slew of Pauline Oliveros Recordings are Available to Stream

Source: Nameless Sound.

Explore the archive of Nameless Sound through never-before-released audio, video performances, and other ephemera from the 20-year vault. We are very proud to present our fourth edition, which focuses on Houston’s own composer, accordionist, humanitarian and the creator of Deep Listening ®, Pauline Oliveros.

Pauline Oliveros came to know future Nameless Sound Founding Director David Dove through her mother Edith Gutierrez, who worked with Dove as a telemarketer at The Houston Ballet. Over several years, an informal mentorship developed. Eventually, Oliveros invited Dove to start a branch of her Deep Listening Institute (originally named the Pauline Oliveros Foundation) in Houston. In 2001, The Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston began operations. In 2006, we decided to branch off and form the independent non-profit organization, Nameless Sound.

The Pauline Oliveros edition explores the relationship between Oliveros and the Houston organization she encouraged, mentored and inspired. Ten never-before-released audio and video recordings feature performances of Oliveros’ scores as well as concerts by Oliveros with Susie Ibarra, Susan Alcorn, Maria Chavez, Tom Bickley, David Dove, Sandy Ewen, Chris Cogburn, and Ricardo Arias, among others. Written essays on Oliveros and Nameless Sound by Ione, Maria Chavez, Ricardo Arias and David Dove. To the history of the future.

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San Francisco Tape Music Collective


A selection of fixed media works presented by the collective in recent San Francisco Tape Music Festivals.

Works by Maggi Payne, Kent Jolly, Cliff Caruthers, Matt Ingalls, Thom Blum, Kristin Miltner, and Joseph Anderson.


Freely available for streaming and download from

The San Francisco Tape Music Collective is dedicated to presenting performances of audio art. For over 20 years they have presented The San Francisco Tape Music Festival, diffusing works from composers throughout the world in addition to their own works through a pristine immersive 24-speaker surround-sound environment, in complete darkness.   SFTMC and SFTMF are projects of sfSound.

Donations are welcome. All proceeds go to the San Francisco Tape Music Festival. (post COVID-19).  If you donate this Friday, Juneteenth, bandcamp will donate 100% of their shares to NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

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RogueArt’s Music for Lockdown Streaming

Source: Rouge Art.

During the lockdown due to the global sanitary crisis, that concerns billions of people worldwide, offers to listen during three days on soundcloud one of its complete album, which will be regularly renewed.

This week is Anaya by Indigo Trio, featuring Harrison Bankhead, Hamid Drake, and Nicole Mitchell.

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Brian Eno’s Obscure Records

Source: UbuWeb Sound. Not exactly news, but…

Obscure Records was a U.K. record label which existed from 1975 to 1978. It was created and run by Brian Eno, who also produced the albums (credited as executive producer in one instance). Ten albums were issued in the series. Most have detailed liner notes on their back covers, analyzing the compositions and providing a biography of the composer, in a format typical of classical music albums, and much of the material can be regarded as 20th century classical music. The label provided a venue for experimental music, and its association with Eno gave increased public exposure to its composers and musicians.

In their original editions, all albums used variations of the same cover art of a collage by John Bonis, covered up by an overprinting of black ink. The picture beneath the ink can be seen somewhat clearly under a strong light. Each volume except the seventh has one small window in the black overprint to reveal a different portion of the picture on each album. The red and white label design is a blurred photo that appears to be spires on roofs of buildings.

Brian Eno’s album Music for Airports (1978) was intended as the eleventh Obscure album, and has catalogue number OBS-11 written and then scratched out in the matrix area on original UK copies. But this album became the first volume of a new Ambient Records series (“Ambient 1”) instead, and this decision marked the end of the Obscure label.

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Noise Label Monstres par Excès Puts All Releases Up for Free Download

Source: RADII.

Label Monstres par Excès have made their decade-spanning discography available for free download and in amongst their collection of experimental and avant-garde music you’ll find a host of Chinese artists. These embeds are just scratching the surface though, there’s a lot of really interesting sounds to dig into.

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AMN Reviews: Daniel Barbiero, Ken Moore, Dave Vosh – “transparent points on four axes”[pyr260]

Transparent-Points-on-Four-Axes-cover-768x768“transparent points on four axes” is a studio collaboration by Daniel Barbiero on double bass, sylosynth app and microbrute synthesizer. (Yes, AMN Readers this is the same Daniel Barbiero that frequently posts reviews here on AMN.) Ken Moore on STEIM Crackle Box, minimoog, emax sampler and various percussion. Dave Vosh on analogue modular synthesizer. It is a very interesting album that is bound to be the best free download you will get all year. It has been released on pan y rosas discos. A netlabel out of Chicago that focuses on experimental, noise, improvisation and weirdo rock.  It has a catalog of 260 releases all of which are free downloads.

The eight pieces on “transparent points on four axes” each began as a single layer of either a composed or improvised track to form a ground layer from which each of the participants then added additional layers. The use of this ground layer provides an underlying sense of direction as each piece’s dialog develops and unfolds. The pieces have a great deal of sonic and textural variety and the album is very well recorded and mixed. There are pieces that are driven by exceptional bass playing with lyrical use of bowed harmonics and the extreme upper register of the bass. Other pieces seem to be driven by more sensitive and nuanced percussion. The analog synth work is really interesting because it can at times give the pieces that retro analog early electronic music vibe, however I think that it really works on this album because it completely avoids the repetitive sequencer driven drivel that is currently being produced by so many contemporary musicians using analog and modular synths.

“transparent points on four axes” is a really interesting listen of solid contemporary experimental  music and it is free. So grab it and enjoy it!  And maybe poke around the rest of the releases on pan y rosas discos and explore some new sounds.

Highly recommended!

Chris De Chiara


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Newsbits: Doubting All Things Aligned / Meredith Monk / Smith, Taborn, and Maneri / Miranda Cuckson / National Drone Day

Craig Taborn (Prezens, at the Vortex (London) ...

Plus Timbre announces the release of Doubting All Things Aligned, a set of layered sound objects made up of field recordings, piano, double bass and synthesizer, by Chris Lynn and Daniel Barbiero.

Meredith Monk in New York is reviewed.

Jazz Right Now reviews the latest from Ches Smith, Craig Taborn, and Mat Maneri.

Burning Ambulance reviews a release from Miranda Cuckson.

National Drone Day is celebrated in Saskatoon.

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Chris Cutler’s PROBES

English: Chris Cutler at the Hyperion Ensemble...

PROBES is a series of recordings from Chris Cutler (formerly of Henry Cow, Art Bears, and other groups).

Source: RWM.

PROBES #13.2. Auxiliaries. 10.08.2015 (29′ 49”)
This new auxiliary by Chris Cutler digs into new sounds made with long-forgotten instruments.

PROBES #13.1. 09.06.2015 (53′ 22”)
Chris Cutler’s PROBES #13 tracks the recovery and reassignment of ancient and folk instruments in unfamiliar contexts.

PROBES #12.2. Auxiliaries. 25.05.2015 (30′ 32”)
This is the auxiliary in which harpsichords boldly go.

PROBES #12. 30.04.2015 (52′ 17”)
In Chris Cutler’s PROBES #12 harpsichords return from the dead; a spectre is haunting music: the harpsichord.

PROBES #11.2. Auxiliaries. 10.04.2015 (30′ 58”)
This auxiliary by Chris Cutler listens to voices, mostly in groups, doing extraordinary things.

PROBES #11. 11.03.2015 (61′ 03”)
PROBES #11 goes oral: everything your mother wouldn’t tell you about what people can do with their mouths, and a little bit of spit.

PROBES #10.2. Auxiliaries. 27.01.2015 (28′ 32”)
This auxiliary by Chris Culter wonders what the human voice can’t do.

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Lost Civilizations Live Recordings

The Lost Civilizations Experimental Music Project  records most of their shows and releases them for free download.  Some of these recordings are listed below, and all are worthwhile. (a live performance, released on the ItalianOzky e-sound netlabel with Angela Morrish (Phonic Riot; Washerwoman) on vocals) (a live performance by the Lost Civilizations experimental music project with Jerry Busher (Fugazi) on percussion) (with Angela Morrish on vocals and Doug Kallmeyer on electronics) (a live performance by the Lost Civilizations experimental music project with pedal steel icon Susan Alcorn)(video at (Part 1) and (Part 2)) (a live performance by the Lost Civilizations experimental music project with Sam Lohman (Akris; Trio OOO) on percussion) (a live performance by the Lost Civilizations experimental music project) (a live performance by the Lost Civilizations

experimental music project with Ben Azzara (DC Improvisers Collective) on percussion) (“Lost Civilizations VII”, with Larry Gomez on percussion, released on the Italian Ozky e-sound netlabel) (May 15, 2012 live performance at Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant) (May 19, 2012 live performances at Artomatic 2012 with Doug Kallmeyer and Jerry Busher) (May 20, 2012 live performance at Arlington’s Galaxy Hut with Doug Kallmeyer) (June 14, 2012 live performance at Baltimore’s An die Musik with Doug Kallmeyer and Jerry Busher) (June 21, 2012 live performance at The Fillmore Silver Spring) (July 15, 2012 performance at Capital Audiofest 2012 — this has been released on the Italian Ozky e-sound netlabel: (August 18, 2012 benefit for the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, featuring Doug Kallmeyer on electronics) (August 21, 2012 performance by Doug Kallmeyer, Ben Broeking & T. A. Zook @ Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant) (September 18 , 2012 performance at Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant) (September 29, 2012 performance featuring Jerry Busher at the Great Hall of the Atlas Performing Arts Center for the 2012 Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music) (October 7, 2012 performance at Adams Morgan’s Mellow Mushroom in the STPPMMXII Festival) Review by Gregory Ayers is posted at (excerpted from,which also posts John-Paul Zajackowski’s video of part of the performance) (October 8, 2012 performance featuring Ben Azzara on percussion at Arlington’s Galaxy Hut) (October 26, 2012 performance at Del Ray’s FIreFlies) (November 20, 2012 solo performance by T. A. Zook at Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant) (November 24, 2012 performance at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center) (December 3, 2012 performance at IOTA featuring Jerry Busher) (December 18, 2012 performance at Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant (featuring Jerry Busher, Doug Kallmeyer and Emily Chimiak); reviewed at (March 5, 2013 performance at 9th & Beats, with Doug Kallmeyer, Jerry Busher & Emily Chimiak); review (from (March 24 performance at DC9: video:; review (from — April 11, 2013 performance at Arlington’s Whole Foods Market  – April 21, 2013 performance at Baltimore’s An die Musik – April 22, 2013 performance at Arlington’s Galaxy Hut w/ Lucio Meregon on guitar. – May 9, 2013 performance at DC’s Tree House Lounge – June 6, 2013 performance at DC’s Tree House Lounge – June 8, 2013 performance at DC’s Studio 1469 – June 15, 2013 performance at DelRay’s (Alexandria) St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub, with Emily Chimiak (violin) and Nate Scheible (percussion) – September 4, 2013 performance at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room, with Amanda Huron on percussion. – September 26, 3013 performance at Club K, Baltimore – November 1, 2013 performance at Dos Gringos Cafe, Washington DC. – November 13, 2013 performance at the Black Squirrel, Washington, DC. – November 30, 2013 performance at a benefit at and for the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center; video (by Jamal Ahmed ( – January 3, 2014 performance at the Velvet Lounge.  – February 16, 2014 performance in the “Indie Adams Morgan” Series  Residency at the Black Squirrel.  – February 28, 20 14 @ St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub (Alexandria) w/ The Mariner Project.  – March 16, 2014 performance in the “Indie Adams Morgan” Series Residency at the Black Squirrel. – March 30, 2014 performance by MAZE (Martin And Zook Ensemble: Aaron Martin (alto) & T. A. Zook (basscello)) in the “Indie Adams Morgan” Series Residency at the Black Squirrel. – May 12, 2014 performance at Arlington’s iconic Galaxy Hut, with Jerry Busher sitting in on drums. – May 18, 2014 performance in the “Indie Adams Morgan” Series Residency at the Black Squirrel, with John Hallberg sitting in on drums and electric dulcimer and Manabu Nagase sitting in on electric violin. – June 15, 2014 performance in the “Indie Adams Morgan” Series Residency at the Black Squirrel, featuring Patrick Whitehead on flügelhorn and trumpet. (T. A. Zook, as part of the Transmissions ensemble) – June 26, 2014 performance of “Transmissions” at Arlington, Virginia’s Artisphere. The performance was part of Arlington’s Fermata event ( – July 16, 2014 performance @ Velvet Lounge. – July 20 , 2014 performance @ the Black Squirrel. – August 17, 2014 performance @ the Black Squirrel w/ Mark Pry on drums and the Duo Exchange poetry project. – August 23, 2014 performance at Del Ray’s St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub w/ Brent Robbins on drums. – September 13, 2014 performance in the Indie Adams Morgan Series @ Adams Morgan’s Green Island. – September 14, 2014 performance for Indie Adams Morgan Day @ the Black Squirrel. – September 18, 2014 @ Ebenezers. – September 19, 2014 performance in the Indie Adams Morgan Series @ Adams Morgan’s Club Heaven.  –  September 21, 2014 performance in the Indie Adams Morgan Series at the Black Squirrel. – September 26, 2014 performance in the Indie Adams Morgan Series at Green Island DIY.– September 27, 2014 performance with Jerry Busher (drums), Emily Chimiak (violin) and Patrick Whitehead (trumpet & flügelhorn) at Baltimore’s An die Musik recital hall. – September 29, 2014 performance at Arlington’s Galaxy Hut. – October 2, 2014 performance by Sebastian, Kozumplik, Risotto & Zook at Green Island DIY in Washington’s Adams Morgan district.  – October 19, 2014 performance by  WAZE (the Whitehead And Zook Ensemble) in the Indie Adams Morgan Series at the Black Squirrel.  – November 16, 2014 performance with Nick DePinto sitting-in on guitar in the Indie Adams Morgan Series at the Black Squirrel. – December 21, 2014 performance with Sam Lohman sitting in on drums in the Indie Adams Morgan Series at the Black Squirrel. – January 18, 2015 performance in the Indie Adams Morgan series at the Black Squirrel.  – January 24, 2015 performance with Jerry Busher (drums), Doug Kallmeyer (bass and electronics) and Emily Chimiak (violin) in the Sonic Circuits series hosted by the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, MD. – January 31, 2015 performance in the Indie Adams Morgan Series at Green Island. – March 15, 2015 performance with the Duo Exchange poetry project  in the Indie Adams Morgan Series in the Black Squirrel’s Tap Room. – April 19, 2015 performance in the Indie Adams Morgan Series in the Black Squirrel’s Tap Room. – April 20, 2015 performance at IOTA Club – May 11, 2015 performance at IOTA Club and Café

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Sunn O))) uploads dozens of concert bootlegs to Bandcamp

Logotype of the Drone Metal Band Sunn O))) and...

From Factmag.

Sunn O))) have uploaded more than 60 “tapers’ & fans’ audience recordings,” promising “raw & live” sets from the group’s archives. Some of the shows date back to 2002, and concerts from around the world are included. Head to Bandcamp to stream/download your favorite shows. Last we heard, the group was working on a new album this year to follow up 2014’s collaborative albums with Norwegian experimental collective Ulver and veteran musician Scott Walker.