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Chris Cutler’s PROBES

English: Chris Cutler at the Hyperion Ensemble...

PROBES is a series of recordings from Chris Cutler (formerly of Henry Cow, Art Bears, and other groups).

Source: RWM.

PROBES #13.2. Auxiliaries. 10.08.2015 (29′ 49”)
This new auxiliary by Chris Cutler digs into new sounds made with long-forgotten instruments.

PROBES #13.1. 09.06.2015 (53′ 22”)
Chris Cutler’s PROBES #13 tracks the recovery and reassignment of ancient and folk instruments in unfamiliar contexts.

PROBES #12.2. Auxiliaries. 25.05.2015 (30′ 32”)
This is the auxiliary in which harpsichords boldly go.

PROBES #12. 30.04.2015 (52′ 17”)
In Chris Cutler’s PROBES #12 harpsichords return from the dead; a spectre is haunting music: the harpsichord.

PROBES #11.2. Auxiliaries. 10.04.2015 (30′ 58”)
This auxiliary by Chris Cutler listens to voices, mostly in groups, doing extraordinary things.

PROBES #11. 11.03.2015 (61′ 03”)
PROBES #11 goes oral: everything your mother wouldn’t tell you about what people can do with their mouths, and a little bit of spit.

PROBES #10.2. Auxiliaries. 27.01.2015 (28′ 32”)
This auxiliary by Chris Culter wonders what the human voice can’t do.