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A Whole Slew of Pauline Oliveros Recordings are Available to Stream

Source: Nameless Sound.

Explore the archive of Nameless Sound through never-before-released audio, video performances, and other ephemera from the 20-year vault. We are very proud to present our fourth edition, which focuses on Houston’s own composer, accordionist, humanitarian and the creator of Deep Listening ®, Pauline Oliveros.

Pauline Oliveros came to know future Nameless Sound Founding Director David Dove through her mother Edith Gutierrez, who worked with Dove as a telemarketer at The Houston Ballet. Over several years, an informal mentorship developed. Eventually, Oliveros invited Dove to start a branch of her Deep Listening Institute (originally named the Pauline Oliveros Foundation) in Houston. In 2001, The Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston began operations. In 2006, we decided to branch off and form the independent non-profit organization, Nameless Sound.

The Pauline Oliveros edition explores the relationship between Oliveros and the Houston organization she encouraged, mentored and inspired. Ten never-before-released audio and video recordings feature performances of Oliveros’ scores as well as concerts by Oliveros with Susie Ibarra, Susan Alcorn, Maria Chavez, Tom Bickley, David Dove, Sandy Ewen, Chris Cogburn, and Ricardo Arias, among others. Written essays on Oliveros and Nameless Sound by Ione, Maria Chavez, Ricardo Arias and David Dove. To the history of the future.