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Toby Dammit – L’Uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo
L’Uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo is the new slice of effective face pounding and brain slapping power electronics outpouring from imposing tattooed covered Italian Toby Dammit( aka Emanuele Gorreri)

Churner – Spirit Defector
Built via microphones, processors, turntables and voices Spirit Defector is all about building a hope sucking, sludgy and dense noise drone/violent ambient crossbreed; which pulls you down in a very grimly satisfying and often suffocating manner.

Blues Control – Local Flavor
Blues Control are on to to something here; this their third album, following two diverse albums, Puff and a self titled album, both released in 2007. The aforementioned LP’s consisted of some of the most interesting music of the year of their release, wrenching maximum effect from seemingly minimal means. The band consists of Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse, switching off on fuzzed out guitar, ancient keyboards and tape loops. The percussion is provided not by a drum machine, but sourced from a Walkman. The previous albums were sometimes rough around the edges, as in the opening track of Blues Control, which is so overblown as to barely be contained. During the more docile moments, the music contained on those first two records possesses a ragged roughness which reminds of late sixties drone/experimental practitioners, particularly Terry Riley.

Tarab – Take All The Ships From The Harbour,And The Take T
07’s Wind keeps even Dust Away; the last album by Tarab(Australian sound artist Eamon Sprod) still stands as one my favourite manipulated field recording records of all-time; with it’s highly captivating,atmospheric & skilful manipulation of wind and other haunted sounds. So when I heard about this new album I was understandble very excited.

Pixel – The Drive
The Drive takes the distinctive and key Raster-Noton clinical and static lined electro beat back bone, and adds it to moody and often cinematic guitar amplifier atmospric dwells and drones- all taking the labels distinctive sound in a new direction.

Textile Orchestra – For the Boss
For the Boss is a wonderful eye bulging,deranged and manic muilt-coloured sonic out pouring in two lengthy parts. Taking in elements of: crazed cartoon like improv, total twisted turntablism, musical elements snatched and abused from all manner of places, and general unhinged sonic tomfoolery.

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Performances Reviews

Alarm Will Sound: A Classical Approach to Electronic Sounds


It is hard to tell whether Alarm Will Sound is finding itself or losing itself, but it may be a bit of both. A reasonably straightforward new-music band in 2001, when it made the jump from college orchestra (at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester) to professional ensemble, it has preserved its freshness by thinking about repertory in ways that most groups do not.

One has been to raid arcane corners of the pop-music world, specifically electronica, a form that combines elements of avant-garde electronic music (tape loops, found sounds, radically altered timbres) with the heavy beat of rock. Since Alarm Will Sound’s roster includes several composers, arranging these pieces is done entirely in house.

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