Rock in Opposition Festival 2011

From RIO 2011, new of this year’s concert in France:

16 of September 2011
Christian Vander solo (fr)
Aranis / Present / Univers Zero « Once upon a time in Belgium… » (be ,fr , il, usa)

17 of September 2011
Yugen (it)
Gargantua (pl)
Panzerballett (de)
Jack Dupon (fr)

18 of september2011
Vialka (fr)
Grumpf Quartet (fr)
Alamaailman Vasarat (Fin)
Arno (be)

Here comes the fourth edition of the Rock In Opposition Festival! A Festival that has now become a major reference for all the “in Opposition” music lovers.

Paying respect to our past without being “stuck” in it: that was our main concern. We always kept in mind that question: what is the meaning of being “in Opposition” today? That reflection guided us through the whole process of building up this year’s program, which was conceived as a mix of well-established RIO artists and newcomers.

First of all, we wanted to remain faithful to those artists who have inspired us so deeply during the last decades ; the world premiere of “Once Upon Time in Belgium”, bringing together onstage all the musicians from UNIVERS ZERO, PRESENT and ARANIS, will clearly indicate that orientation. We hope that this ambitious project will live on long after the Rock In Opposition Festival.

Our second goal is to invite many young and rarely-seen European bands and give them the opportunity to perform in France. From that perspective, we already know the Festival will be a big success.

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