Amy X. Neuburg in Milwaukee

From Present Music:

Singer, composer and electronic instrument performer, Amy X Neuburg, returns to Milwaukee for her third performance with Present Music on June 18, 2011 at Turner Hall Ballroom. Amy X Neuburg is a Present Music favorite for her ability to bridge the boundaries between classical, experimental and popular music. Her wildly entertaining ‘avant-cabaret’ songs combine her interests in language, theater, and music technology while exploring the many colors of her four-octave vocal range. Neuburg is best known for her live solo performances in which she uses a MIDI drum kit, a real-time looping machine, and an array of sounds and samples to construct complex, meticulously crafted songs and stories one layer at a time.

Present Music will perform Kamran Ince‘s new quartet, Far Variations (2010). For Ince, the “Far Variations” are about the many emotions and feelings that result from being distant from the people and place you love: nostalgia, anger, longing, passion, even obsession. Ince has been hailed by The Los Angeles Times as “that rare composer, able to sound connected with modern music and yet still seem exotic.” Ince is a force on the cutting edge of contemporary composition, bridging the East and the West.

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