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AMN Reviews: Xqui – Sound Study: Reverberation (Wormhole World)

Although English artist Xqui has a pretty big discography for someone who only started recording in 2018, this is our very first encounter. Sound Study: Reverberation consists of three lengthy and perfectly lovely explorations of the glories of resonation. And while these slow-rolling, synthesized soundscapes certainly do vibrate and resound, it is their dreamy softness that captivates the listener. Sound Study: Reverberation is ambient in plein-air, lit with natural light. As fundament, Xqui uses discreet field recordings made in Liverpool, a tabletop hill in Lancashire and a Royal Horticultural Society event in Manchester, respectively, around which rich, ringing tones wend. These field recordings largely serve as gentle background texture, except in the third instance, when the combination of Xqui’s darker resonances contrasts smartly with children frolicking and their parents applauding flowers. A splendidly performed compilation of the subtle art.

Stephen Fruitman