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Harmonic Series 1/28 is Out

Source: harmonic series.

Jessica Pavone and I talk over video chat about writing for solo and for ensemble, different kinds of time, feeling good and sounding good, resonances, current interests and future work.

Sylvain Levier & Nebel Lang – Korf ar son (2019-)

Antoine Beuger/Anastassis Philippakopoulos – floating by (Erstwhile Records, 2023)
Alan Courtis and Ben Owen – Environmental Conditions (Park 70, 2023)
Sergio Merce – Traslasierra (expanded landscape) (Hitorri, 2023)
Quatuor Bozzini / Konus Quartett – Jürg Frey: Continuité, fragilité, résonance (elsewhere, 2023)
Germaine Sijstermans / Koen Nutters / Reinier van Houdt – Circles, Reeds, and Memories (elsewhere, 2023)
Taku Sugimoto – Manfred Werder: ein(e) ausführende(r), seiten 977 bis 982 (self-released, 2023)
Nate Wooley – Christian Wolff: For Trumpet Player (Tisser Tissu Editions, 2023)