Infrequent Seams Announces Subscription Model for 2023 Releases

Source: Infrequent Seams.

In 2023 Infrequent Seams begins the K7 Commissions Series, releasing one digital album (accompanied by a limited run of 50 cassettes) per month for the entire year. This project turns a focus towards a subscription model, connecting artists and the greater community that engages creative music.

Subscribers get all 12 carefully curated limited edition releases (one per month) shipped in 3 groups of 4:

Block A: Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr ship to subscribers 1st week of January
Block B: May/Jun/Jul/Aug ship to subscribers 1st week of May
Block C: Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec ship to subscribers 1st week of September

All the releases can also be purchased through Bandcamp, each released on the dates indicated below, as an incentive to support the growth and continuation of this project through 2023 and into 2024 and beyond.

Infrequent Seams is a record label, concert presenter, and independent publisher, and intermedia cooperative. IS has supported artists for over 10 years through nearly 50 releases, the semi-annual Infrequent Seams Streamfest series of in-person and livestream festivals, and Continuous Present, the semi-annual journal collecting prose, visual art, drama, interviews, and graphic scores.

K7 Commissioning Series Release Schedule + Membership Levels
Block A
[all four ship to subscribers first week in January]
Jan 10
James Ilgenfritz / Sandy Ewen / Michael Foster: Ekphrastic Discourse
Feb 7
William Roper, Cassia Streb, Timothy Feeney: Avenue 64
Mar 7
Time Phase Trio (Ty Citerman / Jen Baker / Shayna Dunkelman)
Apr 11
Lily Guarneros Maase: blood::face

Block B
[all four ship to subscribers first week in May]
May 9
Forbes Graham
Jun 6
Joy Guidry / Pauline Kim Harris
Jul 11
Anagram Ensemble String Trio (James Ilgenfritz / Meaghan Burke / Stephanie Griffin): Works by Niloufar Shiri, Benjamin Patterson, Alvin Singleton, & Wilfrido Terrazas
Aug 8
AC Diamond (Anastasia Clarke Solo)

Block C
[all four ship to subscribers first week in September]
Sep 5
Lucie Vítková solo
Oct 10
Wilfrido Terrazas / Carmina Escobar / Natalia Perez-Turner
Nov 7
James Ilgenfritz Quintet featuring JD Parran & Ras Moshe (reeds), Payton McDonald (vibraphone), & Nava Dunkelman (percussion)
Dec 5
Lily Guarneros Maase: teeth::bone