Two New Releases from Clap Your Hands

Source: CYH.

Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania

The ten women of Shamania are among the most independent musicians on the Scandinavian scene, living in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. When they come together, their tremendous energy brings original power and fascinating rhythms to the stage, enchanting the listener with atmospheric moods and moments of pure wonder. They have now captured these very qualities on their second album: REROOTING brings together 16 songs, a combination of Marilyn’s brand new and older compositions, all but one of which were previously unreleased.

Carlo Mombelli with Wolfgang Muthspiel, Jorge Rossy
Lullaby For Planet Earth

Lullaby For Planet Earth: the ten songs develop in a natural-seeming matter-of- factness, in a fascinating balance of space and calm, tension and emotionality. The rhythmic mesh, the melodic interplay, the finest, densest dialogues and the thematic urgency in the trio’s common language unfold a primal power of touching tenderness: the lullaby for a world as threatening as it is threatened.

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