The Friday Experiment in Holyoke, Mass

Source: Facebook.

Friday, May 20, 2022 7:30pm

The Divine Theatre @
Gateway City Arts
92 Race Street
Holyoke, Ma

Set 1: +DOG+ (Ma)
Steve Davis – Improvised vocals, electronics, experimental noise

Set 2: Insect Politics (Ct)
Mackenzie Kourie – drums, Ed Fowler – guitar, Alby Pearson – sax, Tim Kneeland – spoken word.
Fringe jazz inspired improv+

Set 3: Matt Weston (NY)
Masterful percussion and electronics

Set 4: KaneLoggia Hypothesis – (Ma, Vt)
Bonnie Kane – sax, flute, electronics; John Loggia – percussion, electronics
Deep sound diving to cleanse your molecules, and set the tone for the following ultimate Open Improvisors’ Jam.

Set 5 – Open Improvisors’ Jam – bring your gear (simple set-up); backline of drums, amps, mics and PA available.

We put the play back in playing with this unique jam session that gets the audience jamming with the performers, and the performers with each other. Beginners and experienced encouraged and welcome.