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AMN Reviews: Sonologyst – Interdimensional (2022; Cold Spring Records)

The term “interdimensional” can be used both in a speculative scientific sense as well as to refer to popular elements of science fiction and horror. Here, Sonologyst (a stage name of sound sculptor Raffaele Pezzella) explores the former while necessarily eliciting the latter.

Inspired by the writings of string-theorist / futurist Michio Kaku, these six tracks are heavily based on long, moody drones, controlled reverb, and delay. Each has a different set of characteristics and qualities, in terms of duration, periodicity, and texture. Pezzella combines these synthesized aspects along with samples and effects to generate dense atmospheres. While often suffocating or claustrophobic in their haziness, metallic foreground elements vibrate, rub, rattle, and squeak to form unconventional melodies. Other tracks exhibit a slow-moving melancholy, with brighter tones and a “cosmic” feel, or a gentle lilting of the drones accompanied by unintelligible voice recordings.

This is yet another essential release from Sonologyst. While Interdimensional could easily be placed in the dark ambient category, this album is better thought of as cinematic sound art – and an excellent way to spend 45 minutes of your time on a gloomy Spring day.

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