Cryo Chamber Dark Ambient / Drone Charity Bundles for American Tinnitus Association

Source: Cryo Chamber VIP Bundle. Once again the Cryo Chamber label is offering a number of albums for download at a very low price. Proceedings will go to the American Tinnitus Association.

For $4 Minimum You Get
Tomb of Druids by Cryo Chamber
Exit Earth by Council of Nine
Inner Stasis by Cryobiosis
Nusquam by Aegri Somnia

For $8 Minimum You Also Get
Tomb of Seers by Cryo Chamber
Tomb of Wights by Cryo Chamber
Davidian by Council of Nine
The Architects by Randal Collier-Ford
Abysmal by Ugasanie & Xerxes the Dark

For $16 Minimum You Also Get
2149 by Sabled Sun
Tomb of Empires by Council of Nine
The Umbra Report by Cities Last Broadcast

About the American Tinnitus Association:

ATA is the only patient-centered membership association that directly funds research related to tinnitus. Since 1980, we have contributed over $6 million to research and supported hundreds of projects in the ongoing effort to improve our understanding of tinnitus, develop and optimize tinnitus treatments, and advance the search for an ultimate cure.

ATA’s research program focuses on providing seed grants for the most new areas of tinnitus scientific exploration. Large research institutions — the U.S. Department of Defense or National Institutes of Health, for instance — often do not support projects until they have undergone initial exploratory testing. This keeps many good ideas from ever getting off the ground. ATA covers this funding gap by supporting tinnitus scientists through the preliminary phases of research, strategically kickstarting innovative pilot projects which may later qualify for large-scale funding from the government or other institutions.