Coming From Midira Records

Source: Midira Records.

Lee Yi

Lee Yi from Paraguay (now based in Spain) takes you on a more quiet journey. The noise and ambient soundscapes are so gently worked out, that you will calm down immediately while listening to “Hayví”.

Meantime / Elsewhere
Agate Rollings

Agate Rollings come from Italy, like 50% of the Midira family. On “Meantime / Elsewhere” you will find yourself in the midst of a nocturnal ambient journey, which is the main theme of this concept album. Every track marks one moment during the night until dawn.

Picturesque Ruins
Panoptique Electrical

Panoptique Electrical from Australia takes you on massive drone darkjazz wave. “Picturesque Ruins” is the perfect “i wanna be heard loud” album. The sounds are floating like massive floods.