AMN Reviews: Natura Est – Real Seasons (2021; Cyclic Law)

Real Seasons, a fresh release on Cyclic Law, is a slab of hardcore dark ambient with earthshattering deep drones and sweeping waves of multi-layer textures. These synth-generated walls vary in smoothness without quite approaching the jagged. Those at the low end of the register rumble and shake with tectonic movement while remaining beatless.

These organic elements are combined with synth patches that resemble tortured voices or chants in the latter tracks. Case in point, parts of Midsummer sound almost choral. The longest track, The Trilogy of Harvest is a haunting eight-minute hellscape, rolling and boiling with restrained anger despite its deliberate pace. Throughout, there is a darkness that never lets up.

Natura Est is the duo of Tony Young and Andreas Davids. Real Seasons offers their version of nature as somewhere between uncaring and malevolent. Listen at high volume to enjoy the details.

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