The Spectrum in April

Jean-Michel Pilc
Cover of Jean-Michel Pilc

From New York’s Spectrum:

– April Fool’s Day concert (Apr. 1)

– Svetlana Smolina (Apr. 2)

– The Acoustic Frontier: Michael Lytle, Denman Maroney, Stephanie Griffin and Steve Swell (Apr. 2)

– Han-Earl Park (Apr. 2)

– Nico Letman presents Spectral Interzone – Jazz for the eminently civilized (Apr. 3)
Carlos Holms band; Kris Davis, Ingrid Laubrock

– Marilyn Nonken’s series Voluptuous Virtuosity (Apr. 4)

– John King continues his Born into Flames series (Apr. 4)

– Jazz/Improv musician Terry Dame in Dark Circuits: New Technology presented by Hans Tammen (Apr. 4)

– Philipp Gerschlauer Microtonal Band (Apr. 5)

– Dollshot: New Art Songs (Apr. 5)

– Pauline Kim Harris’ series, Scones and Clotted Cream (Apr. 6)

– Nino Jvania: Piano Salon (Apr. 6)

– Cornelius Dufallo & Patrick Derivaz’s fourth installment of Soundscapes, their
new series of ambient music with featured guest, Rob Schwimmer, theremin. (Apr. 6)

– Flin van Hemmen: Canyons jazz series (Apr. 7)

– Mahir Cetiz and Mario Diaz de Leon (Apr. 8)

– Gadfly: Jazz curated by Chris Pitsiokos (Apr. 8)
Performers: Chris Pitsiokos, sax plus special guest

– Ross Hammond, Max Johnson and Billy Mintz (Apr. 8)

– Spectrum’s Singer-Songwriter Series, Hosted by Aline Queen and Carly Ozard (Apr. 9)

– Die Hamletmaschine – An adaptation of Hamlet with live music (Apr. 9)

– Guy Barash’s Eavesdropping series continues with Stephane Ginsburgh (Apr. 10)

– Jane Sheldon, soprano, performs Feldman’s “Three Voices” (Apr. 11)

– Morton Feldman Marathon (Apr. 12)

– American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM) for 4 nights under the direction of Johnny Reinhard (Apr. 12-15)

– Zimbabwean-American conductor Vimbayi Kaziboni makes his NY debut conducting Gerard
Grisey’s “Vortex Temporum.” Featured: New Morse Code and musicians from the International
Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt, Germany. (Apr. 13)

– Seth Gilman’s Early – Late series featuring Duo RoMi (Apr. 13)

– Jeffrey Mumford Composer Portrait with Miranda Cuckson, Steve Beck, Julia Bruskin (Apr. 13)

– Joel Forrester: Jazz Piano Salon (Apr. 15)

– Tuesdays on the Spectrum: Gabriel Zucker and Gabriel Globus-Hoenich (Apr. 15)

– Visuality: Guillermo Laporta / Cre.Art Project Ensemble (Apr. 16)

– The Halcyon Ensemble (Apr. 17)

– New York New Music Collective (Apr. 18)

– Nadav Lev: Plugged and Unplugged – solo guitar concert (Apr. 19)

– Luke Gullickson, piano/voice (Apr. 19)

– Elliot Cole (Apr. 19)

– Ramin Arjomand’s series, Reinterpretations (Apr. 20)

– Rema Hasumi, solo piano (Apr. 20)

– Architeuthis Walks on Land (Apr. 20)

– Miako Klein, recorders (Apr. 21)

– Guitarist/composer Angela Babin and visual artist Serena Hale celebrate Earth Day at Spectrum (Apr. 22)

– Jose Menor & RMSonce Project (Apr. 22)

– Duo Yumeno: Shamisen/Koto and Cello (Apr. 23)

– The Music of Alex Mincek with special guests (Apr. 23)

– Jane Ash and Susan Seliger present Out by Ten: What Just Happened? A Performance
by Nina Wise (Apr. 24)

– Spectrum’s first foray into comedy shows with The Monologues, an experimental comedy
quartet of four monologues that intertwine in perhaps unexpected ways. (Apr. 25-26)

Mari Kimura, violin and electronics premieres (Apr. 26)
Guests: vocalist Jin-Xiang Yu and Cassatt String Quartet with works by Mari Kimura,
Hannah Lash and Eric Moe

– Petros Klampanis and Jean-Michel Pilc (Apr. 26)

– Dance Performances at Spectrum (Apr. 27)
Dancers: Katherine Anderson, Samantha Bergman, Katie Cowdery, Lara Gemmiti, Cristina Gustaitis,
Gretchen Hoffman, Katherine Morales, Alex Schell, Leanne Smith, Hannah Weber
Composition: Katie Buono
Choreography: Katherine Anderson and Holly Heidt

– Kathleen Tagg’s series New Sounds Africa with her own performances of works from
around Africa. (Apr. 27)

– Righteous Girls: Erika Dohi and Gina Izzo (Apr. 27)

– Daniel Levin, cello and friends – jazz (Apr. 29)

– Ambient Chaos/PAS Musique (Apr. 30)
Yogi Sartorialist (Matt Luczak), Luciernaga, John Boyle, Emil Memon/Blue Movie

Spectrum is located at 121 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side. Tickets are generally $15;$10 for students and seniors except where indicated.