Emanem & Psi Releases

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From Emanem & Psi:

Latest Emanem releases – available now:
5014 OTHERWAYS & FREE SPACE ‘Life Amid the Artifacts’ (1973/84)
Herman Hauge, Dave Solomon, Marc Meggido, Simon Mortimer, Nigel Coombes,
Ron Herman, John Russell, John Stevens, Trevor Watts
5015 VERYAN WESTON ‘Different Tessellations’ (2010)
Leo Svirsky & The Vociferous Choir
5016 STEVE LACY ‘School Days’ (1960/3)
Roswell Rudd, Henry Grimes, Dennis Charles

Latest psi releases – available now:
10.08 HANS KOLLER with BILL FRISELL ‘Cry, Want’ (2009)
11.01 AGUSTÍ FERNÁNDEZ & JOAN SAURA ‘Vents’ (2009/10)
11.02 DJ SNIFF ‘EP’
11.03 EVAN PARKER & MATTHEW WRIGHT ‘Trance Map’ (2008-11)
11.05 ADAM LINSON SYSTEMS QUARTET ‘Figures and Grounds’ (2008)
Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall, Paul Lytton

Emanem release delayed until June:
5013 ISKRA 1903 ‘Goldsmiths’ (1972)
Paul Rutherford, Derek Bailey, Barry Guy

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