New on CIMP

CIMP has released five new CDs.

CIMP 346:
Mat Marucci (drums) – Doug Webb (stritch, soprano & tenor saxophones) Trio feat. Ken Filiano (bass)
3 The Hard Way

Marucci & Webb have been playing together for years. Even so, when they teamed up with former associate Ken Filiano no one could have guessed that the resulting quality and quantity of music would be so great. This is the first of two CDs documenting two days of the recording of Mat’s original and memorable compositions. Released in the same order they were played, this Bop/Freebop session shows that the genre need not be revisionist but freshness and creative artistic integrity can be relative to any period of music. Recorded January 9, 2006

Waltz for Therese – The Rumble – Prince of the Night – Riff for Rusch (take 1) – Eddie-like – Caught in the Webb – Vi-tality – EuroJazz – Who Do Voodoo – Yellow Lake Trail


CIMP 347:
Dominic Duval (b) String Quartet: Ron Lawrence (viola) –
Gregor Huebner (violin) – Tomas Ulrich (cello)
Mountain Air

Dominic Duval’s String Quartet, previously known as the CT String Quartet, has been around and documented since the mid 1990s. This new edition introduces the extraordinary Gregor Huebner into the violin chair on a program which takes as its inspiration the music of Cecil Taylor’s “Mountain Air.” Extemporaneous and totally music of the day, yet easily accessible and rooted. Recorded February 13 & 14, 2006

First Movement – Son Rapport – Energies Up – No Lax Here – Questions & Answers – Next – Heart Song – One in Four – Another in Four – A Ballad in Time Saves 4 – Phrasing – Sal – Third Movement


CIMP 348:
Dominic Duval (bass) – Jimmy Halperin (tenor saxophone) duo

You don’t want to approach Monk’s music unless you know what you are doing and have the technical ability. Duval and Halperin have all of that plus the ability to bring a fresh creativity to very defined compositions. To further add to the challenge, they do it duo. This long-time-in-the-making project is a rich and full listening experience. Recorded February 14 & 15, 2006

Ruby My Dear – Evidence – Crisscross – Rhythm-a-ning- Misterioso – ‘Round Midnight – Epistrophy – Brilliant Corners – Off Minor – Monk’s Mood – Blue Monk – Bye-ya – Monk’s Dream

CIMP 349:
Michael Bisio (bass) – Tomas Ulrich (cello) duo
Pulling Strings

For years cellist Tomas Ulrich has been electrifying every group he’s been a part of and now, finally, steps out as a co-leader. Mike Bisio, the bassist’s bassist, makes up the other half. There’s no place to hide here as the two essay eight of Mike’s compositions, four of Tomas’, and one of Dom Minasi’s originals. The results of this meeting of two phenomenal players are definitely up to the potential offered and the talent noted. Recorded March 14 & 15, 2006

Blues for Melodious T. – Starstruck – As the Spirit Moves – Two Joe Sopranos – Large Muscles – Epilogue for Frank Z (take 1) – Epilogue for Frank Z (take 2) – All Soul-O – Call Waiting – Up to Tomas – Its Own Universe – Longer than Fours – Vamp On Out


CIMP 350:
Seth Meicht (tenor saxophone) Quartet wMatt Bauder – (tenor saxophone) – Matt Engle (bass) – Lonnie Solaway – (drums)

It takes a certain confidence to add another tenor saxist to your trio, but, in Matt Bauder, Seth Meicht’s confidence is well founded. Not so much a tenor battle as an integrated and complementary pairing, this is gutsy assertive music that will satisfy all who like their music upfront and bold. Seth Meicht is a force coming on strong. Recorded March 28 & 29, 2006

Everything is Everywhere – Invisible Moments – Resonator – Blue Smiles – 44 – Dualing Diptychs – Illumine – The Enormous Room