5049 Records Podcast Episode 184 – Sam Weinberg

Source: 5049 Records.

Sam Weinberg is among the most active of New York’s newest generation of improvisers. He’s worked extensively with Ben Bennett, Jaimie Branch, Sandy Ewen and Weasel Walter. He leads and co-leads W-2 (with Chris Welcome), BLOOR (with Andrew Smiley and Jason Nazary), Maestro Day (with Henry Fraser and Joe Moffett). Most recently he’s been focusing on solo saxophone performance as well as sound collage and musique concrete. Today’s a good talk with a thoughtful musician.


5049 Podcast Episode 183 – Jon Irabagon Part II 

Source: 5049 Records.

For episode 183 one of my favorite cats, Jon Irabagon, returns to the run the voodoo down. Increasingly prolific and tireless in his pursuit of creative expression, Irabagon is one of the most colorful and hardest working dudes around. He’s a recent father and just released yet another recording of adventurous sounds. For this talk, we cover a lot of ground from making records to the Me Too movement, jazz elder culture to sustaining long standing musical relationships. A great talk with a great cat.

William Hooker to Launch Interview Podcast

Source: William Hooker.

During the first week of December the Podcast THE LOST GENERATION: OUTSIDE THE MAINSTREAM will be launched. Hosted by exemplar free jazz drummer, composer, and poet William Hooker, each episode will be an in-depth interview with the various artists, producers, and supporters who have made significant contributions to the cultural landscape of the free jazz movement.

William Hooker, a musician at the forefront of this movement, will provide his listeners an opportunity to hear from a broad spectrum of participants who are the creators of this unique art form. Each interview will engage a single individual in conversation with respect to how they came to this music, how they, along with their peers embraced free jazz, and dedicated their lives to creating outside the mainstream. Principally focusing on the generation of musicians who came up in the 70s, the series will also pay homage to the progenitors of the free jazz movement, as well as explore the impact and challenges faced by today’s torch bearers.

Each podcast will be available through YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmK2As1pXpp0qCUV-JZCgg
And, through William Hooker’s website: https://www.williamhooker.com/

Each month will bring two new podcasts beginning in December with multi-instrumentalist / composer / poet, On Ka’a Davis and free jazz activist / poet, Steve Dalachinsky. Kicking off 2019 will be interviews with free jazz drummer, Marc Edwards and free jazz producer / dancer, Patricia Nicholson Parker. Airing in subsequent months will be William Hooker’s interviews with such luminaries as: Ted Daniel, Hilliard Greene, Giovanni Russonello, Kevin Ramsey, Dick Griffin, Warren Smith, Craig Harris, Richard Keene, Mark Hennen, Andrew Lamb, William Parker, Barry Altschul, Steve Swell, and many more.

The Dr. Jazz Podcast John Zorn Halloween Spectacular 

Source: The Dr. Jazz Podcast. An awesome playlist of scary Zorn music. You can find the link here:

“Trick or Treat” by John Zorn
“Horror Organ” by John Zorn
“Goetia – II” by John Zorn
“Moonchild” by Moonchild; John Zorn
“Sacred Rites of the Left Hand” by John Zorn
“Scene 1: At the Very Gates of Hell” by Simulacrum; John Zorn
“Dark Sacrifice” by Simulacrum; John Zorn
“Evocation of Baphomet” by Moonchild; John Zorn
“Skull – III” by John Zorn
“Paean to the Prince of Hell” by Simulacrum; John Zorn
“Hellraiser” by Naked City with John Zorn
“Devil’s Eye” by Painkiller with John Zorn
“Friday the 13th” by Moonchild; John Zorn
“Mala Suerte” by John Zorn
“And the Wolf Behowls the Moon” by Julian Lage & Gyan Riley; John Zorn
“Vampires at Large” by John Zorn
“Witchfinder” by Moonchild & John Zorn
“Ghost Ship” by John Zorn
“Walpurgisnacht – Movement III” by John Zorn
“Warlock” by Moonchild with Marc Ribot & John Zorn
“Lucifer Rising” by John Zorn
“Evocation of the Triumphant Beast” by Abraxas; John Zorn
“All Hallow’s Eve: Satanic Counterpoint for the Witches’ Sabbath – Lauds” by John Zorn
“All Hallow’s Eve: Satanic Counterpoint for the Witches’ Sabbath – Vespers” by John Zorn
“End Titles (Death Waltz Fantasy)” by John Zorn

5049 Records Episode 182 – Clifford Allen  

Source: 5049 Records.

Clifford Allen is a lifelong listener and collector of all musics extreme. With a deep knowledge of jazz, particularly from Ayler on, he has written for publications such as Signal To Noise, Paris Transatlantic, Bagatellen, the New York City Jazz Record, Point of Departure, Burning Ambulance and Tiny Mix Tapes among many others. An enthusiastic historian, he has also written liner notes for several records by artists such as Burton Greene, Ingrid Laubrock and Charles Tyler. Recently he co-produced and assembled liner notes for Michael Cosmic “Peace In The World”/Phill Musra “The Creator Spaces” 2LP/2CD reissue (NowAgain).

5049 Records Podcast Episode 181 – Paul Shapiro 

Source: 5049 Records.

A mainstay of the Lower East Side, saxophonist Paul Shapiro has played on hundreds of records with artists as diverse as John Zorn and Jay-Z, David Byrne and Michael Jackson. He has a huge and rich tenor sound and has released four deeply soulful records on Tzadik’s Radical Jewish series, all of which feature killer bands playing Paul’s original compositions. Paul came over just two weeks ago for a lively conversation on a day when there was a lot of construction in my building. Please forgive the noise!