Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 22/2017

Cameron Brown playing at Iridium on December 9...

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Knknighgh: Nate Wooley Trumpet | Chris Pitsiokos Alto Saxophone | Brandon Lopez Bass | Dré Hočevar Drums

Metamorphosis: Joachim Badenhorst Clarinet and Bass Clarinet | Susana Santos Silva Trumpet | Gonçalo Almeida Double Bass, Keys, Effects and Loops | Greg Smith Drums and Electronics

Leo Records
Haberdashery: Ziv Taubenfeld, Bcl/ Shay Hazan, B/ Nir Sabag, Dr

Free Reservoir: Simon Nabatov, P/ Max Johnson, B/ Michael Sarin, Dr

Edith’s Problem: Deniz Peters, P/ Simon Rose, Bari S, as

Walking Contradiction: Pierre Audétat, Keyboard/ Vinz Vonlanthan, G, Vo

the Bridge
Twins: Fred Jackson Jr, as/ Stéphane Payen, as/ Edward Perraud, Dr, Perc/ Frank Rosaly, Dr, Perc

Slow Learner: Josh Sinton, Bari Sax/ Jason Ajemian, B/ Chad Taylor, Dr, Perc

Lena Bloch
Heart Knows: Lena Bloch, Ts/ Russ Lossing, P: Cameron Brown, B/ Billy Mintz, Dr

Glowering Figs: Dave Fowler, Dr/ Ivor Kallin, Vo, B/ Jerry Wiggens, El G

in Backward Times: Paul Rutherford, Tbn/ Paul Rogers, B/ Veryan Weston, P/ Marcio Mattos, Cello, Electronics

Startlingly Fresh Records
Just Saying: Duke Way, Poet with Lots of Musicians

Lattice: Dave Rempis, as, Ts, Bari Sax


5049 Records Podcast Episode 131 – Dan Kaufman 

Source: 5049 Records.

Originally from Wisconsin, Dan Kaufman is a Brooklyn based guitarist, songwriter and journalist who has led the band Barbez since their inception in the late 90s. His music is a brilliant and thoughtful amalgamation of avant rock, Eastern European folk music and contemporary classical with a strong literary component. Their sixth album, “For Those Who Came After: Songs of Resistance From the Spanish Civil War” comes out on Important Records on October 6th, 2017. In addition to his musical output, Dan has been a frequent contributor to the New York Times and the New Yorker. He is currently working on a book entitled “Divide and Conquer”, that traces the dark history of Wisconsin’s transformation from a progressive state where labor unions flourished, to the modern day Conservative nightmare state.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 21/2017

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Steve Lacy Free for a Minute: Steve Lacy, Ss/ Kent Carter, B/ Aldo Romano, Dr/ Enrico Rava, Tpt +More

in Backward Times: Paul Rutherford, Tbn/ Paul Rogers, B/ Veryan Weston, P/ Marcio Mattos, Cello

New Music for Clarinet and Piano: Greg Mills, P/ Eric Mandat, Cl

Yoann Loustalot
Astrabile: Yoann Loustalot, Tpt/ Glenn Ferris, Tbn/ Blaise Chevallier, B/ Frédéric Pasqua, Dr

Neko: Natsuki Tamura, Tpt/ Yasuko Kaneko, Tbn/ Satoko Fujii, Acc

the Cosmological Constant: the Nu Band- Lou Grassi, Dr/ Thomas Heberer, Cor/ Mark Whitecage, as, Cl/ Joe Fonda, B

Leo Records
the Setlist Shuffle: Steve Day’s Blazing Flame Quintet

Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson’s Honey and Salt Inspired by the Poetry of Carl Sandburg

Flying Box: Michael Vlatkovich, Tbn/ Jonathan Golove, Cello/ Damon Short, Dr

Francois Carrier
Oneness: Francois Carrier, as, Chinese Oboe/ Rafal Mazur, AL Bass G/ Michel Lambert, Dr

Mike Bisio
Row for William O: Mike Bisio, B/ Kirk Knuffke, Cornet

Hesitantly Pleasant: Mike Caratti, Dr/ Rachel Musson, Sax/ Steve Beresford, P, Elec

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 20/2017

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Sing Me Some Cry: Eric Revis Double Bass | Ken Vandermark Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet | Kris Davis Piano | Chad Taylor Drums

Mind Games: Angelika Niescier Alto Saxophone | Denman Maroney Hyperpiano | James Ilgenfritz Contrabass | Andrew Drury Percussion

Last Kind Words: Alberto Popolla Clarinet &Amp; Bass Clarinet | Errico DE Fabritiis Alto &Amp; Baritone Sax | Gianfranco Tedeschi Double Bass | Fabrizio Spera Drums + Guests

Lattice: Dave Rempis – Alto/tenor/baritone Saxophone

Cochonnerie: Dave Rempis – Alto/tenor/baritone Saxophone Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Bass Frank Rosaly –Drums Tim Daisy – Drums

Eric Plaks
Windows to the World Beyond: Eric Plaks, P/ Aquiles Navarro, Tpt

José Lencastre
Fragments of Always: José Lencastre, as/ Rodrigo Pinheiro, P/ Hernani Faustino, B/ Joao Lencastre, Dr

Aspiration: Wadada Leo Smith, Tpt/ Natsuki Tamura, Tpt/ Satoko Fujii, P/ Ikue Mori, Electronics

Lewis Jordan
This Where I Come in: Lewis Jordan and Music at Large

Fill up your Lungs and Bellow: Mike Parr Burman, G/ Jamie Stackbrdge, as/ Adam Stapleford, Dr

Tani Tabbal
Triptych: Tani Tabbal, Dr/ Adam Siegel, as/ Mike Bisio, B

Sides: Erika Dagnino, Poetry, Vo/ Ken Filiano, B/ Satoshi Takeishi, Perc

5049 Records Podcast Episode 129 – Ethan Iverson

Source: 5049 Records.

A founding member of the Bad Plus, pianist Ethan Iverson has been serious student of jazz for most of his life and at the forefront of generation of contemporary practitioners for the past two decades. For over a decade Ethan has also been conducting interviews with elders statesmen of jazz via his blog Do the Math, documenting crucial conversations through a most unique lens. After seventeen years, as he gets ready to leave the Bad Plus, Ethan joined me for a conversation at my apartment this past Friday to discuss his history with the band, his upbringing, how he feels responsible to the tradition of jazz masters and what the future holds for him.

5049 Records Podcast Episode 128 – Sam Amidon 

Source: 5049 Records.

Singer/song writer/multi-instrumentalist Sam Amidon is a 100% completely unique and original musical specimen. Born and raised in Brattleboro, VT he presents music that is a highly realized synthesis of his many disparate influences: folk music, free jazz, music concrete, performance art, indie rock, etc etc etc. The list of descriptions could last forever, but one thing is sure: he sounds unlike anyone I’ve ever heard and his music is something that I’ve been returning to time and time again for the past decade. Please enjoy an hour with a true American original.