5049 Records Podcast Episode 124 – Tyshawn Sorey

English: Tyshawn Sorey at moers festival 2010

Source: 5049 Records.

Tyshawn Sorey is a remarkably talented and internationally acclaimed composer and performer who has been fiercely dedicated to his craft since an early age. A native of Newark NJ, Tyshawn has premiered work at Roulette, Walt Disney Hall and the Ojai Festival. As a drummer, he has collaborated with Steve Coleman, John Zorn, Butch Morris, Vijay Iyer and many many more. Tyshawn is a rare talent and for this candid and often hilarious conversation, Tyshawn and I get to know each other for the first time.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 16/2017

English: Saxophonist Mark Whitecage at concert...

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Mike Bisio
Row for William O: Mike Bisio, B/ Kirk Knuffke, Cornet

Accortet: M Bisio, B/ Kir Knuffke, Cornet/ Art Bailey, Acc/ Michael Wimberly, Dr

Sides: Erika Dagnino, Poetry, Vo/ Ken Filiano, B/ Satoshi Takeishi, Perc

Lou Grassi
Live in Madrid: Lou Grassi, Dr/ Marilyn Kerner, P/ Ken Filiano, B

Nu Band Live in Geneva: Lou Grassi, Fr/ Joe Fonda, B/ Thomas Heberer, Tp/ Mark Whitecage, as

Blaise Siwula
Lisbon String Trio with Blaise Siwula: B Siwula, Cl/ Ernesto Rodriguez, Vla/ Miguel Mira, Cello/ Alvaro Rosso, B

Leo Records
Bright Yellow with Bass: Heath Watts, Ss/ Blue Armstrong, B

Live in Moscow: Clarinet Trio with Alexey Kruglove

Tani Tabbal
Triptych: Tani Tabbal, Dr/ Adam Siegel, as/ Mike Bisio, B

Mixed Motion: Tani Tabbal, Dr/ Adam Siegel, as/ Lew Scott, B/ Ben Newsome, Ts

Larry Roland
as Time Flows on: Larry Roland on Solo Bass and Poetry

Duets: Greg Mills on Piano Plays Duets with Various Musicians

Fill up your Lungs and Bellow: Mike Parr Burman, G/ Jamie Stackbrdge, as/ Adam Stapleford, Dr

5049 Records Podcast Episode 123 – Kenneth Goldsmith 

Kenneth Goldsmith

Source: 5049 Records.

For episode 123 it is my great honor to welcome poet, archivist and radical thinker, Kenneth Goldsmith onto the show. Active since the late 80s, Kenneth Goldsmith is a true original. He started Ubuweb in 1996, one of the internet’s richest resources for the Avant-Garde, a website that one can get lost in and come out much richer for it. He’s published several books, most recently “Capital”, an unrivaled work that pays tribute to New York of the 20th century entirely through quotations. Kenneth is a true mage and this conversation was an utter delight.

Lasse Marhaug Interview

English: description: Lasse Marhaug photograph...

Source: ATTN:Magazine.

Running up stairs, understated drumming, pushing beyond the boundaries of metal music. The Norwegian noise musician / fervent collaborator / record producer discusses three important albums.

Lasse’s picks:

1) Pink Floyd – Meddle
2) Ground Zero – Revolutionary Pekinese Orchestra Ver.1.28
3) Tony Conrad With Faust – Outside The Dream Syndicate

5049 Records Episode 122 – John McCowen 

Source: 5049 Records.

Originally from Carbondale, IL, clarinetist John McCowen who has been living and working in the Bay Area for the past few years. A student of Roscoe Mitchell, he has honing an extremely unique approach to the clarinet that is based in extended techniques, personal language, electroacoustic strategies and hard work. He plays in the band Wei Zhongle and has collaborated with many notable improvisers including Fred Frith, Tom Djll and Kyle Bruckman. John is a remarkable musician, from whom you will be hearing much more from in the coming years.

5049 Records Podcast Episode 121 – Tyondai Braxton 

English: Tyondai_Braxton, moers festival 2008

Source: 5049 Records.

Tyondai Braxton has been living and working in Brooklyn NY since 2001, forging a most singular path as a composer/performer in a wide variety of creative contexts. In 2002 he started the band Battles, which he left in 2010. Since that time he has focused on electronic music as well as large scale explorations of compositions for classical instruments. Ty is a most sincere individual who brings a strong sense of self to every project. For this talk, we explore electronic music strategies, the Brooklyn DIY scene of the early the 2000s, growing up Braxton and a whole lot more. A great talk!

5049 Records Podcast Episode 120 – Matt Nelson

Source: 5049 Records.

Matt Nelson plays tenor sax and has been living in Brooklyn since 2010. Raised in the Bay Area, he has worked with tUNEyARDS, Peter Evans, Travis Laplante and his newest project, GRID. He attended Oberlin College and Conservatory to study with Gary Bartz and Paul Cohen, among others. For this talk we cover a lot of ground, from sax/electronics aesthetics to wearing a suit to a jazz gig. Good shit.