Other Minds Podcast: Dominic Murcott

Source: Other Minds.

Dominic Murcott is a composer, percussionist, curator, and educator based in London. His background as a percussionist and performing in bands has had a deep influence on both his creative work and his research. We talk about his longtime interest in the music of Conlon Nancarrow and his solo percussion arrangement of Nancarrow’s Piece for Tape. We also discuss his monumental percussion work The Harmonic Canon, written for a half-ton custom-made bell designed by sculptor Marcus Vergette using Finite Element Analysis, a type of structural analysis that determines the vibration patterns of the bell.

New Chris Cutler Podcast

Source: RWM Podcasts.

In this new Auxiliary by Chris Cutler, we’ll find the Theremin at work in art ensembles, symphony orchestras, a jazz group, rock bands and on film and television scores – both alone and in quantity –, and there’s a rare sighting of Nikolai Obukhov’s Croix Sonore from his extraordinary Third and Last Testament.

PROBES #32.2 From Chris Cutler

Source: RWM Podcasts.

In PROBES #32 Chris Culter traces the history of some newly invented instruments (in the 20th century), including the Chromelodion, the Boo, the Mazdaphone, the Quadrangulis Reversum, the Crystal Baschets, Harry Bertoia’s Sonambiente, the unearthly Daxophone and Arthur Harris’ Mother Lap Cello Harp, Whispering Harp and the14.5 metre viol, whose lowest strings are inaudible to the human ear.

Wadada & Merzbow Celebrated on Flotation Device Podcast

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Flotation Device celebrates the 80th birthday of Wadada Leo Smith, the 65th birthday of Merzbow and the 50th anniversary of Sun Ra’s first concert tour in Egypt with a cherishing look at all three musicians’ esoteric approach to radical music. We also launch our retrospective of 2021’s best new albums of avant-garde music with some compelling music by George Crumb, Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, Joseph Kamaru AKA KMRU, Bill Horist, Sound-In, Acoustic Fringe, Luca Quintavalle, Rhys Chatham and the late Ghédalia Tazartès.

PROBES #31 Podcast From Chris Cutler

Source: PROBES.

In the late nineteenth century two facts conspired to change the face of music: the collapse of common practice tonality (which overturned the certainties underpinning the world of art music), and the invention of a revolutionary new form of memory, sound recording (which redefined and greatly empowered the world of popular music).

A tidal wave of probes and experiments into new musical resources and new organisational practices ploughed through both disciplines, bringing parts of each onto shared terrain before rolling on to underpin a new aesthetics able to follow sound and its manipulations beyond the narrow confines of ‘music’. This series tries analytically to trace and explain these developments, and to show how, and why, both musical and post-musical genres take the forms they do.

BA Podcast 68: Andrew Cyrille

Source: burning ambulance.

Andrew Cyrille is the last man standing from the first wave of free jazz drummers. He and Milford Graves, Sunny Murray, and Rashied Ali really revolutionized jazz rhythm in their playing with Cecil Taylor, Albert Ayler, John Coltrane and other musicians in the early to mid ’60s. Their influence was huge, and each of them brought a different perspective and instantly identifiable style to the music. What I hear when I listen to Andrew Cyrille, whether he’s playing with Cecil Taylor or Anthony Braxton or in any other situation, is an incredible precision and consideration. He really seems to be thinking about every single strike and placing it with unbelievable care, even when he’s playing ridiculously fast.

Adventures In Sound And Music From July 29

Source: The Wire.

Alex Ward
From Gated

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
“Empty Skies”
From We’re OK. But We’re Lost Anyway.
(Les Disques Bongo Joe/L’Autre Distribution)

Ndenga Andre Destin Et Les Golden Sounds
From Various Cameroon Garage Funk
(Analog Africa)

Francisco Mela featuring William Parker & Matthew Shipp
“Dark Light”
From Music Frees Our Souls Vol 1

Romy Caen, Nick Ashwood & Jim Denley
“Part 2”
From Between Back And Foreground

David Toop/Akio Suzuki/Lawrence English
“It’s Winter Already”
From Breathing Spirit Forms

David Lee Myers
“GEO 2 Pannotia”
From Reduced To A Geometrical Point

Lawrence English
“The River”
From A Mirror Holds The Sky
(Room 40)

Alan Vega/Ben Vaughn/Barb Dwyer/Palmyra Delran
“High Speed Roller”
From Alan Vega After Dark
(In The Red)