5049 Records Podcast – Andrew Barker

Source: 5049 Records.

Andrew Barker is a true original. Originally from Georgia, he has been living and working in New York City since 1997. In 1994 he co-founded the Gold Sparkle Band with Charles Waters and has been pursuing a life of creative music ever since. For this talk we go back to Georgia, his first days in New York and the work he’s been doing with his most recent project, Barker Trio.

5049 Records Podcast: Episode 115 – Luke Stewart 

Source: 5049 Records.

Luke Stewart is a Washington DC based bass player who is quickly making a name for himself as a remarkable multi-tasking multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Mississippi, Luke keeps busy with a wide variety of activity from solo electronic music to collaborations with Brandon James Lewis and Heroes Are Gang Leaders, as well as writing about jazz for the website that he helped establish, CapitalBop. He also hosts “Jam Session: The Vibes Edition” on WPFW-FM every Wednesday at midnight. Luke is a thoughtful and dynamic musician from whom you will be hearing a lot in the coming years.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 11/2017

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

and How the Who Can Think the What..: Mark Hanslip, Ts/ Ed Gauden, Dr

Failure to Thrive: Andrew Bassett, G, Vo/ Don K Long, Synth Bass/ Mike Caratti, Dr
Live at the Firehouse: Briggan Krauss, as/ Alvaro Domene, El G

Otto Kint
Otto Kintet: Otto Kint, B/ Jeroen Capens, Ts/ Lukas Somers, G/ Martin Salemi, Keys/ Daniel Jonkers, Dr

Pet Zoo: André Roligheten, Sax/ Stian Larse, G/ Adrian Myhr, B/ Tomas Jarmyr, Dr

Ligne DE Fuite: Ivann Cruz, G

New Focus on Song: Euan Stevenson/ Konrad Wiszniewski
Infinitude: Ingrid and Christine Jensen Band

Yoko Miwa
Pathways: Yoko Miwa, P/ Will Slater, B/ Scott Goulding, Dr

Leo Records
Hyperion: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ Matt Shipp, P/ Mike Bisio, B
Rhea: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ Matt Shipp, P/ Mike Bisio, B/ Whit Dickie, Dr

Conspire: Free Jazz Posse

IL Sistema Periodico: Alberto Collodel, Cl/ Simone Di Benedetto, B

5049 Records Podcast: Episode 114 – Shayna Dulberger 

Source: 5049 Records.

Based in Brooklyn, Shayna Dulberger is a bass player who has been collaborating with many of NYC’s most prominent free jazz musicians since she moved here in 2005. Her early records include bands with Darius Jones, Ras Moshe, Jonathan Moritz and William Parker. Most recently she has been preforming with Chaser, a band that features Ava Mendoza & Oran Canfield as well a collaboration with her husband Chris Welcome, Hot Date. Aside from performing she currently teaches music in a private school in queens and is a trained Suzuki bass teacher.

5049 Records Podcast: Episode 113 – Cooper-Moore


Source: 5049 Records.

Cooper-Moore is a legend of free music. Originally from Virginia, He has been living in New York City, on and off, since the 1970, working closely with artists such as David S. Ware, William Parker, Susie Ibarra and Chad Taylor. A true innovator, in addition to piano, he plays a variety of self invented and built instruments. Cooper-Moore is also an educator and has been a mentor to many of creative music’s most daring instrumentalists. This conversation took place this past March on a bitter cold day and I am delighted to be able to share it with you all.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 10/2017

William Parker

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Le Vanneau Huppé: Collectif Spatule

Jan Nijdam
Bij DE Dieren Thuis: Jan Nijdam Kwartet

Trandans: Ig Henneman, Vla/ Ab Baars, Ts, Sl, Shakuhachi

Jeff Platz
Neu Kabal: Jeff Platz, G/ Daniel Carter, Sax, Cl, FL, Tpt/ Dmitry Ishenko, B/ Dalius Naujokaitis, Dr

Titan: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ Matt Shipp, P/ William Parker, B

Dione: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ Matt Shipp, P/andrew Cyrille, Dr

Synaptic Self: Josh Sinton, Bari Sax, Bcl/ Alvaro Domene, G/ Mike Caratti, Dr

Extremophine: Dominic Lash Quartet

Lost in Labyrinth: Strings5

House Full of Colors: Staub 4tet

Ships and Shepherds: Alex Maguire, P/ Nikolas Skordas, Saxes, Gaida

Neither Nor
My Tongue Crumbles After: Sean Ali, Bass

Cath Roberts
Shapeshifters: Sloth Racket

5049 Records Podcast – Episode 112, Chuck Bettis 

Source: 5049 Records.

Chuck Bettis has been living and working in New York City since 2002. Originally from the DC, he grew up going to hardcore shows, integrating himself into the underground world of DIY shows and home recordings. His primary instruments are electronics and throat and he has a long history of collaboration with artists like Mick Barr, Matmos, Ikue Mori and Mike Pride. On today’s show we go back to Chuck’s early days in DC to how he became a member of NYC’s downtown scene to how he began making music with laptops to his newest project with Brandon Seabrook. This is a great talk with one of the sweetest musicians around.