5049 Records Podcast Episode 158 – Jen Shyu 

Source: 5049 Records.

Jen Shyu is a master vocalist, multi-instrumentalist / multi-linguist who embarks on incredibly ambitious projects that feature elements of jazz, theatre, dance and performance art. She spent several years as a key member of Steve Coleman‘s Five Elements, has worked closely with Tyshawn Sorey, Nicole Mitchell, Vijay Iyer and Dave Binney. She’s travelled the world, engaged in a practice of research that has informed her most recent work, “Song of Silver Geese”, that was recently released on Pi Records. She tours frequently and in the next year, will engage in a 50-state U.S. tour of her most recent work, “Songs of Our World Now / Songs Everyone Writes Now”.


5049 Records Podcast Episode 157 – Briggan Krauss

English: Briggan Krauss at a concert with Sex ...

Source: 5049 Records.

Based in Brooklyn since 1994, Briggan Krauss is a saxophonist and composer whose work explores the sonic possibilities of his instrument in great detail. He’s released several records under his own name, leading bands like 300 and H-Alpha. In addition to his solo and group projects, he’s worked closely with a broad range of artists from Bill Frisell to Ikue Mori, Antony to Satoko Fuji, and is widely known for his contributions to Steven Bernstein‘s long-running Sex Mob. Most recently he has begun an extensive study of the electric guitar and has been releasing a series of solo saxophone recordings entitled “The Art of the Saxophone”.

BA Podcast 14: Billy Cobham 

Drummer Billy Cobham at the WOMAD (World Music...

Source: burning ambulance.

Episode 14 of the Burning Ambulance podcast features an interview with drummer Billy Cobham, an absolute jazz legend. He first came to prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when he worked with Miles Davis on A Tribute to Jack Johnson, and then joined guitarist John McLaughlin‘s new project, a band called the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Cobham started making records under his own name in 1973, with albums like Spectrum, Crosswinds, Total Eclipse, Shabazz, and Inner Conflicts all establishing him as not just an amazing drummer but also a unique compositional voice in the realm of jazz fusion. At the same time, he was doing sessions for McCoy Tyner, Sonny Rollins, Stanley Turrentine and many other artists, particularly on the CTI label. He also played on the John McLaughlin/Carlos Santana album Love Devotion Surrender, worked with the Fania All-Stars on their Latin•Soul•Rock album and the concert that was released as Live at Yankee Stadium, and played on literally hundreds of other records. In this conversation, we discuss as many aspects of his career as we had time for, as well as his approach to drumming and to teaching, what he thinks of younger players, and much, much more.

5049 Records Podcast Episode 156 – Theresa Wong 

Source: 5049 Records.

Theresa Wong is a Bay Area based cellist and composer. She has worked closely with Fred Frith, Ellen Fullman, Luciano Chessa, Annie Lewandowski, Chris Brown, Søren Kjærgaard and many others. Her work skillfully incorporates improvisation, movement, visual art and theatre. For this talk we go back to her childhood in upstate New York, her time spent on a sailing ship, travel, music, companionship and much more.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 06/2018

English: Jazz trumpeter Enrico Rava

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Evil Rabbit
Nicklesdorf Confrontationen 2012: Ab Baars – Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Shakuhachi/ Meinrad Kneer – Double Bass/ Bill Elgart – Drums

Der Dichter Spricht: Laura Schuler, Vln/ Lisa Hoppe, B/ Luzius Schuler, P

Satoko Fujii
Ninety Nine Years: Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin

Irene Kepl
Violet Spin: Vln/ Fabien Jäger, Cello/ Martina Biscoff, Vla/ Andreas Semlitsch, Vln

Leo Records
Oneness: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ Matt Shipp, P

Mark Alban Lotz
Food Foragers: Mark Alban Lotz, FL/ Alan Purves, Perc

Steve Lacy Free for a Minute: Steve Lacy, Ss/ Kent Carter, B/ Aldo Romano, Dr/ Enrico Rava, Tpt +More

Tomo Jacobson
Hopes and Fears: Aram Shelton, as/ Grzegorz Tarwid, P/ Tomo Jacobson, B/ Hakon Berre, Dr

Saxophone Anatomy: Sax Solos by Lao Dan, as/ Rick Countryman, as/ Colin Webster, Bari Sax

Illumination: James Marshall Human Arts Trio

Setola Di Maiale
Air Current: Yoko Miura, P/ Gianni Mimmo, Ss/ Ove Volquartz, Bcl

5049 Records Podcast Episode 155 – Robert Dick

Source: 5049 Records.

Robert Dick is a master flutist who has literally re-defined the language of his instrument. He was trained classically and studied with Henry Zlotnik, James Pappoutsakis, Julius Baker and Thomas Nyfenger. An active participant in the Downtown Scene of New York since the 70s, Robert has worked closely with artists like John Zorn, Ned Rothenberg, Ursel Schlicht, Herb Robertson and JD Parran. As an educator and author, he has contributed extensively to the advancement of contemporary flute techniques, most notably through the publication of his book “The Other Flute”. Robert has chartered an utterly unique musical path and on today’s talk we go back to the beginning. Enjoy.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 05/2018

English: Ab Baars with Ab Baars Trio at Club W...

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

criss cross: alcyona mick, p/ tori freestone, ts, ss, fl

lifelike: Jeff Williams – drums Gonçalo Marquez – trumpet John O’Gallagher – alto saxophone Josh Arcoleo – tenor saxophone Kit Downes – piano Sam Lasserson – double bass

canzoni di primavera: ab baars, ts, cl, shakuhachi/ ig henneman, viola

and she speaks: ab baars solo on ts, cl, shakuhachi

james hall
lattice: james hall, tbn/ jamie baum, fl/ deanna witkowski, p/ tom di carlo, b/ allan mednard, dr

steve cohn – jimmy bennington
albany park: steve cohn, p, shakuhachi/ jimmy bennington, dr

bowie berlin & beyond: delta saxophone quartet

signals from the mind: david haney, p/ david bajda, g/ jorge hernaez, b/ julian priester, tbn

ah!: george khan, ts, ss, bari s, fl/ terry day, perc, as/ albert kovitz, cl/ peter lemer, p: frank flowers, b/ charlie hart, vln, el b

karyobin-spontaneous music ensemble: kenny wheeler, tpt, flghorn/ evan parker, ss/ derek bailey, g/ dave holland, b/ john stevens, perc

geode: gebhard ullmann, ts, bcl/ achim kaufmann, p

francois carrier
out of silence: françois carrier, as, chinese obeoe/ michel lambert, dr