5049 Records Podcast Episode 104 – James Ilgenfritz 

Source: 5049 Records.

James Ilgenfritz is a bass player and composer who has been living in New York City since 2003. He is also one of the first musicians that I met and played with upon my arrival. He has worked closely with Lukas Ligeti, Elliott Sharp, Anne Gosfield and more. Since his move to New York he has also been incredibly active as a curator and organizer. For this talk, we go back to the first few years in New York, as well as the challenges that James faced from 2008-2013, his newest work with his label Infrequent Seams and much much more.


5049 Records Podcast Episode 103 – Aaron Siegel 

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Aaron Siegel was born in Maryland, educated in Michigan and has been living in New York City since 2001. He has studied with Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila, Anthony Braxton and Bunita Marcus among others. In addition to composing and leading his own ensembles, since 2011, he has co-lead Experiments In Opera, with whom he has produced over 30 new operatic works since its founding in 2011. Aaron is a multi-faceted composer/performer, a unique individual and great guy.

5049 Records Episode 102: Tim Berne/Matt Mitchell 

English: Tim Berne, jazz saxophonist; Picture ...

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Based in New York, Tim Berne is a prolific band leader and saxophonist who has been a central figure in the city’s creative jazz scene for over forty years. Since the very beginning, his work has been marked by intense creativity, soulfulness and a dogged spirit of independence. Among the many bands that he has lead over the years are Blood Count, Hard Cell, Paraphrase, Big Satan and others. On a recent Saturday, during an intense snow storm, I visited Tim at his home in Brooklyn, where we discussed his personal history, the current state of the NY jazz scene, his two new releases on Screwgun Records and a whole lot more. As an added bonus, today’s episode features a twenty five minute mini episode with pianist Matt Mitchell, discussing his new recording of interpretations of Tim Berne tunes for solo piano.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 05/2017

Paal Nilssen-Love

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Michel Lambert
Alom Mola: Michel Lambert, Dr with Lots of Musicians

Slag: Dave Rempis, as, Ts/ Fred Lonberg Holm, Cello/ Paal Nilssen Love, Dr, Perc

Janus: Nick Sanders, P/ Logan Strosahl, as, Ts

Maha Samadhi: Paul Dunmall Brass Project

Relative Pitch
Perch Hen Brock & Rain: Ab Baars/ Ig Henneman/ Ingrid Laubrock/ Tom Rainey

in Cahoots: Ned Rothenberg Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Shakuhachi | Mark Feldman Violin | Sylvie Courvoisier Piano

Seven Pieces: Evan Parker Tenor and Soprano Saxophones | Daunik Lazro Alto and Baritone Saxophones | Joe Mcphee Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Alto Clarinet and Pocket Trumpet

Desire and Freedom: Rodrigo Amado, Ts/ Miguel Mira, Cello/ Gabriel Fernandini, Dr

5049 Records Podcast Episode 101 – Miya Masaoka 

Source: 5049 Records.

Originally from the Bay Area, Miya Masaoka is a multi-faceted composer/performer who has been making a mark on the international music scene for the past three decades. Her main instrument is the koto and her work sits comfortably at the intersection of composition and improvisation, instrumental virtuosity and technological investigations. She has worked closely with Bang On a Can, Zeena Parkins, Pamela Z and Larry Ochs, among many others. She is a true original and I am delighted to share this conversation.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 04/2017

English: Joe McPhee, moers festival 2010

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

in Layers: Onno Gogvaert, Dr/ Marcelo Dos Reis, G/ Luis Vincente, Tpt/ Kristjan Martinsson, P

Peace: Satoko Fuji Orchestra Tokyo

Naca: Tony Cattano: Trombone and Compositions Emanuele Parrini: Violin Matteo Anelli: Double-bass Andrea Melani: Drums

Bad Habits: Christian Ferlaino: Alto Saxophone

Dst: IL Sistema Periodico: Alberto Collodel: Clarinets/ Simone Di Benedetto: Double Bass

Conspire: Free Jazz Posse

Jonathan Lindhorst
Limerance: Jon Lindhorst, Sax, Comp/ Ryan Butlar, G/ Dan Fortin, B/ Nico Dann, Dr/ Aaron Shragge, Tp, Skhi

Frank Kimbrough
Solstice: Frank Kimbrough, P/ Jay Anderson, B/ Jeff Hirshfield, Dr

Maddalena Ghezzi
Fuwah: Maddalena Ghezzi, Vo/ Luca Pissavini, B

Plumes Quartet: Pierrick Menuau, Ts: Nicolas Rousserie, G/ Cédric Piromalli, Oargan/ Arnaud Lechantre, Dr

Adam Schneit
Light Shines in: Adam Schneit, Ts, Cl/ Sean Moran (Guitar), Eivind Opvik (Bass), and Kenny Wollesen (Drums)

Flowers: Joe Mcphee, Also Sax

5049 Records Podcast Episode 100 – David Grubbs 

David Grubbs performing as part of EMP Pop Con...

Source: 5049 Records.

For our 100th episode we get into it with guitarist, writer, college professor, David Grubbs. David is a veteran of bands Gastr del Sol, the Red Krayola and Bastro. He has worked with Pauline Oliveros, Tony Conrad, Nate Wooley and many more. In addition to his musical output, he is a published author and is a tenured professor at Brooklyn College. For this talk, David takes me back to his early days in Louisville, his time in Chicago in the 90s, his work as an educator and the process of writing his new book.