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AMN Reviews: Mount Shrine – Lost Loops Collection (2023; Cryo Chamber)

This 5CD, four-hour set puts in one place unreleased albums, singles, and EPs from Mount Shrine (Cesar Alexandre). Despite its length and constituent pieces being recorded over time, Lost Loops Collection exhibits a remarkably consistent sound throughout.

This sound incorporates slow-moving, hazy, and windswept drones, often shifting periodically between two or three distinct chords. Static fills the background with subtle clicks and pops, adding an analog warmth. Interspersed with these are aleatoric object noises and electroacoustics.

Due to its length and relatively homogeneous approach, the album works well as background music as well as ambiance (albeit a bit darker than most) for meditation or relaxation. It does not demand the listener’s attention, nor does it contain any jarring passages. Indeed, the deep bass rumbles gently offsetting the foreground’s airy activity. This results in a pleasant, if not mildly foreboding experience.

Lost Loops Collection comes out on May 30 from Cryo Chamber.

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