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AMN Reviews: Gianluca Becuzzi – We Can Be Everywhere (2014/2023) (FinalMuzik)

Originally recorded in 2012-13 and released on CDr by FinalMuzik the year after, We Can Be Everywhere – a declaration that is as much existential ideal as conspiratorial threat – is a high-water mark for both genre and composer. This year, Gianluca Becuzzi revisits the piece in taut, contemplative rumination. A double CD set in other words, in a glossy black package.

The original piece is long and varied in structure and sound, a dark concerto that evinces the particularities of a milieu with texture and concrete clamor while at the same time transcending them. 

After unleashing a panorama of growls, whispers and discord, a real ruckus breaks out as the beast slouches onto its second track. These opening salvoes were produced by Becuzzi together with Svart1, one of three fellow-Italian collaborators engaged in this sprawling project. Later on, the duo and solo artist Deison will each join in on two tracks, respectively. Although harrowing throughout, as the piece progresses an almost gentle industrial mood prevails, even though there are plenty of abrasive surfaces and jagged edges ahead. Looped vocal samples in a sprinkling of European languages are borne and buffeted by steamy air, propelled by pneumatic rhythms or cupped in the waves of softly rung bells.

Stephen Fruitman

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