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AMN Reviews: Chaigidel & Neraterræ – Lamaštu (2023; Cyclic Law)

This is a wonderfully dark collaboration between two Italian artists, Chaigidel (Mattia Giovanni Accinni) and Neraterræ (Alessio Antoni). Both have been active for some time and Lamaštu is their first joint release.

Steeped in history, myth, and spiritual practices of the past, the album uses drones, odd vocalizations, rumbling low-frequency structures, bells, and unusual percussion instruments to evoke haunting soundscapes. Almost electroacoustic in nature, the eight tracks are also ritualistic and experimental. Indeed, repeating drum patterns and throat singing are the main focus of A’Arab Zaraq while Entrails of Souls is formed of monkish chants and sparse booming drums.

But there also is a strong object-use component, with rattling and clanging elements coming in and out of the background. These are organic rather than mechanical, and provide an additional layer of detail above and beyond the drones, layered synth, and voices.

The result is evocative of ancient tombs, swamps, and dark forests where cultists perform liturgical practices. Or, the music of Lamaštu can be viewed as a dream-like portal to explore strange planes of being. Regardless, this is another stand-out release from Cyclic Law.

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