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AMN Reviews: Void Stasis – Viral Incubation (2023; Cryo Chamber)

Despite the title, this album from Kristof Bathory, Scott Denman, and Marie Ann Hedonia is not directly related to COVID-19. Instead, it is a classic sci-fi / horror dark ambient mix – or at least that is what it might sound like on first listen. But like the proverbial Russian doll, Viral Incubation has detail nested inside of detail.

There are more than the usual share of claustrophobic, hazy drones that go a long way toward providing a sinister atmosphere. But where Void Stasis shines – and sets itself apart – is with its use of sequenced patterns and percussion. The former is a roiling blend of murkiness that fuzzily haunts the drones in a way that exhibits a strong sense of disquiet. The latter includes periodic beats as well as more sophisticated arrangements.

But what becomes apparent upon deeper listening is the oddness of these patterns. The repetitions are often not exact and thus seem to be improvised on the spot. This might be due to some international variation in the sequencing / programming, but the effect is to make the album as interesting at a microscopic level as it is as a whole. On the surface, the feel even veers toward techno but there is so much more going on here.

Viral Incubation will be released on March 21 by Cryo Chamber.

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