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AMN Reviews: Med Gen – Frontier of Former (2023; Reverse Alignment)

Frontier of Former consists largely of dark, hazy drones and long-held chords accompanied by various noises, effects, and field recordings. Whether water, air, bells, crackling, or birdsong, these additional elements somehow only add to the gloomy and ominous nature of this double album’s seven long tracks.

As an example, Comprehend the Duality begins with sculpted static and quietly sweeping synths. This is followed by slow-moving chords atop a rumbling layer of bass. Other tracks, such as Atemporal Shore, employ a somewhat brighter approach, with less baleful droning and birdsong to lighten the mood. But the general approach is drawn to ponderous chording that evolves at geological time scales.

Frontier of Former is a lilting, drifting, and hypnogogic effort that exhibits consistent qualities throughout. As a result, it can be played over and over in the background, with its 90 minutes seemingly passing at a faster clip. Thus, this album not only works for active listening but also would be well suited as a soundtrack or installation.