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AMN Reviews: Sonologyst – Electrons (2016/2023; Unexplained Sounds Group)

Sonologyst (composer, producer, and label head Raffaele Pezzella) has reissued this 2016 recording with a bonus track on CD for the first time. The sounds and track titles reflect Pezzella’s fascination with quantum physics, with references to the Dirac equation, the Higgs boson, and more.

Musically, Electrons is representative of early Sonologyst material, more cosmic than dark. Oscillating layers of synth echo in and out of focus with sweeping patterns of mild distortion. These efforts often incorporate high pitches as well as bell-like percussive elements. Some pieces are slower and quieter, with electronic abstractions and experimentation to accompany muted drones.

Nonetheless, each has its own character consistent with the overarching theme. As an example, LDirac = ψ(iγμ∂μ −m)ψ features dappled electronics on a pointillistic canvas, while Zeeman Effect encompasses a long, slow drone that subtlely vibrates beneath staccato synth passages, before ending with sculpted static. The new track, LHC, occupies a similar space, with a roughly-textured drone superimposed upon a shimmering array of white noise and squelching.

Whether you are a physicist, want to be one, or prefer to stick to Newtonian mechanics, Electrons is an appropriately titled release that sonically explores the science and beyond. Very well done.

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