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AMN Reviews: Kelados – The Night Glows (2023; Reverse Alignment)

As described in the liner notes, Kelados (Matúš Fabian) recorded this album “using analogue and modular synths, electric guitar, contact mics, field recordings, hydrophone, geophone, electronics.” The result is a darkly wafting set of waves and drones accompanied by rich textures and background noises.

The seven untitled tracks are all about 5-10 minutes long. Each has its own distinct character, typically a quasi-repeating cycle of sounds. As a whole, The Night Glows is an immersive effort, thick with rolling structures and lilting haziness.

Untitled 2 is a prime example of the album’s focus, beginning with fire-like crackling, wind, and a repeating bell. A massive and slowly-oscillating drone builds to accompany the crackling. Untitled 4 is another singular track with insect-like noises that combine with layered synth and sparse, aleatoric found-object percussion. Untitled 5 is more experimental yet quieter, with windswept soundscapes and lurking dangers. The longest piece, Untitled 6, exhibits grinding textures and plenty of electroacoustic activity. Subtle, organ-like chords haunt the background. Untitled 7 caps things off with field recordings of voices coupled with sculpted static and shifting layers.

The Night Glows is another highly recommended album from Reverse Alignment. It is also one that requires listening at volume to appreciate its subtleties.

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