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AMN Reviews: Alice Purton and Alex Roth – Inpouring (2022; Zyla)

Scored by Alex Roth for dance and performed by cellist Alice Purton, Inpouring is a compelling EP of four tracks that cover a surprising amount of sonic ground. Far from a solo cello effort, Purton and Roth layer multiple tracks along with wordless vocals and mild processing. Purton contributes drones, sawings, extended techniques, and angular melodies, as well as more conventional elements. At times, Inpouring can come across as somewhat resembling traditional classical music, until the inevitable discordance and experimentation kick in. For example, the title track combines drones, high-pitched notes, and Purton scrabbling along the body of her instrument. While seemingly composed, the album sounds as if it is at least partially improvised. The result is prime-grade modern creative music, a genre-spanning effort that might find itself in the classical bin yet goes far beyond that staid moniker. Very well done.

Inpouring will be available on September 16 as the debut release of the new label Zyla.