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AMN Reviews: Amanda Irarrázabal & gabby fluke-mogul – RAYAS (2022; Bandcamp)

Experimentalists Amanda Irarrázabal (bass, vocals) and gabby fluke-mogul (violin, vocals) team up for the first time on this 2021 live recording from New York’s IBeam venue. Those familiar with fluke-mogul will find much to like here, as their signature form of relentless and gritty free improv is on display. Irarrázabal is a fitting partner for these efforts, as the focus is on creating unpredictable sequences of sound expression from their instruments rather than any reliance on melody or song per se.

Consisting of four tracks each about 10 minutes in length, this unorthodox duo employs generous extended techniques that involve scraping, sawing, scratching, and evoking percussive elements. And they do so at a brisk pace, moving from idea to idea before any wears out its welcome. The result is harsh and textural but exhibits an unusual beauty. As a result, RAYAS is extemporaneous brain candy of the highest form, with dense clusters of bent notes and patternless progressions. Highly recommended.

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