AMN Reviews: Dead Melodies – Memento (2022; Cryo Chamber)

Despite being on the Cryo Chamber label, it would not be accurate to categorize Memento as solely dark ambient. Instead, this set of lush, soft drones and atmospherics is comparable to the sleep concerts of Robert Rich, in that it captures a range of hypnogogic states.

Case in point, Welcome Delerium combines rumbling synth with the splashing of waves and ethereal vocalizations. In contrast, Eyes of the Sun employs slightly harsh waves of sound with gentle lines of undistorted guitar. Embers are Forever involves grittier drones that waft through a dim and cloudy soundscape, while Memories Lost is breathy with a melancholy piano theme. But what all of these distinct pieces have in common is how they subtlety immerse the listener in blankets of sound – some of which are comforting (at least at first), while others…not so much. Whether considered dreamscapes, waking nightmares, or accompaniment for a brief nap, these offerings stretch the ever-expanding notion of ambient in new directions.

Memento was released on March 22. Turn up the volume to enjoy the subtleties.

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