AMN Reviews: Beyond the Ghost – The Desolation Age (2021; Cryo Chamber)

Beyond the Ghost (Pierre Laplace) returns for his third(?) album, this one imagining a war-torn Europe of the near future, with nationalist armies, cyborgs, and drones issuing in a new dark age. Sonically, The Desolation Age is a modern take on the late 70’s work of Kosmiche pioneers, such as Klaus Schulze. Many of the tracks involve ominous layers of synth accompanied by sequenced beats and rhythms. A handful of other instruments make smaller contributions, with guitar being one of the easier to pick out. Both spacious and propulsive, this is cinematic sci-fi ear candy that makes one yearn for Laplace to be able to work on a movie or video game soundtrack that gets him wider exposure.

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  1. Sitting in a dark room with the curtains drawn it is easy to imagine the more main music is coming from your sound system while the ambient drones and such and such sounds are coming from over the ceiling and outside the window.

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