AMN Reviews: Sleepwalker – Monument from the Void (2021; Ksenza Records)

Landing squarely between dark ambient and post-rock, Sleepwalker’s guitar and percussion soundscapes are both haunting and majestic. The album’s four tracks begin with the self-titled opener, featuring cosmic layered guitar drones. The second track, Le Cercle Rouge, couples undistorted guitar melodies with harmonies made up of long-held notes, as well as semi-martial percussion. The percussion becomes more involved, almost tribal, on Dream Cycle, as the guitars produce waves of textures. All of this culminates in Neverending Journey Through the Void, a 29-minute excursion with slow but heavy chording and stark synth melodies. Quieter passages are introspective and reminiscent of dark ambient, while aggressive percussion and guitar, as well as a hint of chanted vocals, drive the more assertive movements to crescendo.

Monument from the Void was released on August 13 by Ksenza Records.