AMN Reviews: Subterranean Source – Ellipsis (2021; Winter-Light)

Subterrean Source is sound artist Andrea Bellucci. On Ellipsis, he teams with collaborators Paolo L Bandera (electronics), Nimh (guitars and synths), Lunar Abyss Deus Organum (electronics), New Risen Throne (samples and drones), and Exit in Grey (electronics and drones) on five respective pieces. The result is prime dark ambient, with the requisite menacing drones and irregular electroacoustic elements their are either percussive or shimmering. Textures vary from smooth to jagged, approaching but not quite reaching noise wall levels. Despite the mix of collaborators, there is a general consistency in approach across these tracks. The only mild exception is Ocean Chants and Ghosts, featuring the delay-heavy electric guitar of Nihm adding a bluesy melancholy to a shifting pattern of airy-yet-brooding synth layers and effects. A high point is Zaruchejnaya with Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, a dense and claustrophobic affair of drones, bells, percussion, electronic manipulation, and voices.