AMN Reviews: Dronny Darko & Ajna – Radioactive Immersion (2021; Cryo Chamber)

As far as I can tell, this is the second collaboration between dark ambient purveyors Dronny Darko (Oleg Puzan) and Ajna (Chris F). As might be expected from the title, the sounds on Radioactive Immersion combine drones with electroacoustic noises and field recordings. The rough theme of its seven tracks is an exploration of an old reactor that is somehow still operational and may have given rise to something worse than a few rads. For example, on Bottomless Gorge, the duo evokes metal fatigue and repetitive machinery cycles through manipulated mechanical sounds and echoing synths. Electromagnetic Pulse combines an ominous drone, electroacoustic crackling, and distant booming. Uranium 235 appropriately incorporates sounds like a Geiger counter with rolling drones, and indiscernible spoken vocalizations. The result of all of this is a compelling soundtrack for a nuclear nightmare, perhaps one that is haunted by supernatural elements in addition to humankind’s own folly.