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AMN Reviews: Pablo Díaz – Breves Poemas Sonoros (2021; NendoDango Records)

Tracks for this EP-length offering were recorded at a park in Buenos Aires during February of 2020, right before the pandemic lockdown began. Percussionist Pablo Díaz made use of a floor tom and various other objects. Upon the park’s closure, he was motivated to revisit and edit these pieces while contemplating the park’s emptiness. He also wrote accompanying poetry that appears in the liner notes.

Friction plays as important a role as actual percussion, with Díaz scratching, rubbing, and grinding in back and forth as well as circular patterns. Various warblings and squeakings are also present. Only two tracks feature something akin to drumming in a significant role, with melodies that tell brief stories rather than rhythms. As he is at home in free improvisation settings, it is no surprise that Díaz would release a solo album that is squarely in that camp and yet is quite listenable despite its abstract nature.