AMN Reviews: Bisbâyé – Le Sens de la Fin (2021; Cuneiform Records)

Canadian five-piece Bisbâyé has been around for 20 years and yet this is the first time their music has come across my speakers. That is not uncommon these days, as the music world is much bigger than ever before – even its less-explored areas continue to grow. Le Sens De La Fin (The Sense Of An Ending) is the group’s third full-length offering, following two EPs and two albums, and represents a compelling mixture of math rock, brutal prog, and technical metal.

With a lineup consisting of two guitarists, two drummers, and a bassist, Bisbâyé’s modus operandi includes interlocking polyrhythms, frequent time changes, and dense riffing. The band lists Don Caballero, Meshuggah, and King Crimson as influences, and comes across as a hyper-caffeinated blend of these groups. Other points of reference could be Upsilon Acrux, Ahleuchatistas, and maybe even Ruins.

Particularly of interest is how their oddly-timed dual guitar lines drift in and out of synch with one another. If anything this makes the rhythmic structures even more complex. Similar characteristics can be found in the drum lines but these are buried somewhat by the mix. While the album is an all-out assault with relentless heaviness, it is not dark nor is it unpleasant. In fact, some of the tracks are downright tuneful in a twisted and pugnacious fashion.

The Le Sens De La Fin comes out on January 29, from the venerable Cuneiform Records. Thumbs way up.