AMN Reviews: Iker Ormazabal – The Oscillation (2020; Cruel Nature)

UK-based Iker Ormazabal offers up this slab of layered drones. Repetition is a key part of his style here, with recurrent patterns that may have been looped or sequenced. The textures of these waves are smooth with some roughness around the edges. Usually, two to three distinct voices are present and occasionally one might take on a role resembling that of a melody. The overall feel is not unpleasant though certainty forbidding. At almost 90 minutes, The Oscillation may be a lot to handle as active listening, but it also can serve as ambiance – it contains a hypnogogic psychedelia that lulls you into a quietly anxious state. There is a constant reminder that dreams could easily change into nightmares, but the album never quite goes that far and instead leaves you hanging in an indeterminant state. Ormazabal states that his influences include the GRM pioneers as well as Pauline Oliveros. One can hear both in The Oscillation, especially the latter.