AMN Reviews: Corecass – Void (2020; Golden Antenna Records)

Corecass is musician and composer Elinor Lüdde, who combines traditional instruments and her voice with field recordings, sound effects, synths, and processed noises. On VOID, she combines chording and drones from a church organ with cleanly plucked harp, and then throws in swells of distorted guitar, ethereal vocals, and even a drum pattern or two. This makes for darkly cinematic leanings on this upcoming EP-length release.

Of the album’s six pieces, three fit the general description above (aptly titled VOID I, VOID II, and VOID III) and three are more atmospheric and windswept, largely generated electronically (Carbon, Amber, and Breath). A particular emphasis in Breath is on waves lapping on shorelines. Lüdde alternates between these two styles, the former human-oriented and the latter of the natural world. Throughout, there is an ominious and menacing presence – one that never quite makes itself known, but instead lurks in the shadows.

VOID is not exactly dark ambient, but its mood will appeal to listeners of that genre. Lüdde carves out her own niche between style here, one that is quite compelling in its attention to detail and strangeness.