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AMN Reviews: Tineidae – Exo (2020; Cryo Chamber)

Sometimes musical innovation is in the development of new sounds, palettes, techniques, textures, and orchestrations. In other cases, the innovation lies in taking a pre-existing set of sounds and combining them in a way that is unique and compelling. If anything, the latter is often the harder task, as there may be a large body of works using the same or similar sounds. Case in point, Tineidae’s new release on Cryo Chamber manages to make use of traditional elements of dark ambient, synth, and drone music in a novel and appealing fashion.

Tineidae is Warsaw-based Ukrainian Pavlo Storonskyi. On Exo, he explores science fiction and cyberpunk themes with deep drones and sweeping synth washes. Contrasting with these more organic sounds are the programmatic precision of sequenced runs of notes. The catchiness of these pieces is often due to each having a discernable motif that they are built around. For example, Abandoned Mothership features a multi-note echoing synth pattern surrounded and accentuated by slow-moving keyboard melodies, rhythmic thumps, as well as what sounds like a bit of processed voice. The result is a cinematic feel, evoking the operations of futuristic autonomous machinery.

In short, if you find yourself liking Lustmord, the heavier moments of Steve Roach, or dark ambient in general, Exo will be a welcome addition to your collection. Strong recommendation.

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