AMN Reviews: No Base Trio – s/t [Setola di Maiale]

The punningly titled No Base Trio is a trio without a bass, but not without a foundation. That foundation lies in attentively crafted improvised music informed by an eclectic set of influences. The No Base Trio consists of the Puerto Rican musicians Jonathan Suazo (alto saxophone and synthesizer); Gabriel Vicéns (electric guitar and pedals); and Leonardo Osuna (drums). Although this is their debut album, the trio have played together for ten years, and the rapport they’ve developed during that time shows. The music is completely improvised but focused and propelled forward with clearly defined rhythmic purpose. Osuna’s playing is mostly rock-influenced but on the fifth track he swings with a post-bop groove. Suazo is mostly heard on synthesizer, but contributes compelling lines on saxophone as on his extended solo on the seventh track. Vicéns’ distorted, reverb-rich guitar provides the textural cement holding the group’s collective sound together.

Daniel Barbiero